How To Create A Sceencast of Your iPad’s Screen using A Windows Computer

Occasionally I create screencasts of my iPad’s screen to show others how I use an app on my iPad.

Options for recording iPads screencasts are:

  1. Use software on a Mac computer or Windows computer.
  2. Record using a digital camera mounted above your iPad.
  3. Take a series of screenshots of each step on your iPad by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button at the same time as the Home Button then using an app like Explain Everything or IPEVO Whiteboard app to create the video.

Below’s an example of a screencast recorded using my Window computer:

It shows how I follow the ISTE hashtags in Flipboard to curate and share the content using a Flipboard magazine.

And here is how I do it!

Mirror from iPad

I have Airserver installed on my computer and Airserver Connect app on my iPad which I use to mirror my iPad to my computer as follows:

1. Open Airserver on my computer.

2.  Click on Show QR Code.

Click on QR Code

3.  This launches a QR code which I scan with the AirServer Connect app on my iPad (makes connecting easier).

Airserver connect

4.  Once connected swipe from bottom of screen, above home button, then tap on AirPlay > Sue-PC Connect and turn on Mirroring.

Connect To PC

5.  Open the app I want to record and change to landscape so that I can record at a screen size of 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels high.

Below is the Flipboard app mirrored from my iPad onto my computer.  I’ve used a Google Document in landscape mode to create a black background behind the mirrored iPad since the iPad is smaller than 1280 pixels wide when set to 720 high.

App mirrored on computer

Record on Computer

I use SnagIT  to create the screencast and connect to my Snowball microphone.  The snowball microphone isn’t necessary but produces better audio than headset microphone.

With SnagIT I can record and edit the screencast.  It isn’t as good as Camtasia but is all I need since I don’t create screencasts often.

Main tips when using SnagIt are:

  • Use the region option to set the record size to 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels high.
  • Make sure that the correct microphone is selected and is set to record audio.

Snagit region


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