How To Create A Sceencast of Your iPad’s Screen using A Windows Computer

How To Create A Sceencast of Your iPad’s Screen using A Windows Computer

Occasionally I create screencasts of my iPad’s screen to show others how I use an app on my iPad.

Options for recording iPads screencasts are:

  1. Use software on a Mac computer or Windows computer.
  2. Record using a digital camera mounted above your iPad.
  3. Take a series of screenshots of each step on your iPad by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button at the same time as the Home Button then using an app like Explain Everything or IPEVO Whiteboard app to create the video.

Below’s an example of a screencast recorded using my Window computer:

It shows how I follow the ISTE hashtags in Flipboard to curate and share the content using a Flipboard magazine.

And here is how I do it!

Mirror from iPad

I have Airserver installed on my computer and Airserver Connect app on my iPad which I use to mirror my iPad to my computer as follows:

1. Open Airserver on my computer.

2.  Click on Show QR Code.

Click on QR Code

3.  This launches a QR code which I scan with the AirServer Connect app on my iPad (makes connecting easier).

Airserver connect

4.  Once connected swipe from bottom of screen, above home button, then tap on AirPlay > Sue-PC Connect and turn on Mirroring.

Connect To PC

5.  Open the app I want to record and change to landscape so that I can record at a screen size of 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels high.

Below is the Flipboard app mirrored from my iPad onto my computer.  I’ve used a Google Document in landscape mode to create a black background behind the mirrored iPad since the iPad is smaller than 1280 pixels wide when set to 720 high.

App mirrored on computer

Record on Computer

I use SnagIT  to create the screencast and connect to my Snowball microphone.  The snowball microphone isn’t necessary but produces better audio than headset microphone.

With SnagIT I can record and edit the screencast.  It isn’t as good as Camtasia but is all I need since I don’t create screencasts often.

Main tips when using SnagIt are:

  • Use the region option to set the record size to 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels high.
  • Make sure that the correct microphone is selected and is set to record audio.

Snagit region


One thought on “How To Create A Sceencast of Your iPad’s Screen using A Windows Computer

  1. Very informative! Thanks for showing clearly how to record iPad screen. Currently, I’m using a desktop app call Acethinker iPad screen recorder that mirrors my iPad screen to the computer and use its screen recording function to make videos. It’s not that direct, but it works pretty well. Share it here as an alternative method.

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