This 28-Day Challenge Will Kick Start Your Blogging

This 28-Day Challenge Will Kick Start Your Blogging

It started with Kathleen Morris asking:

“What do you think of ‘What are your 2019 Blogging Goals?’  as a New Year post idea.”

To which I responded

“January is a time when we want to take action!  How about a 28 Day Blogging Challenge following the concept of a fitness plan?  Where we provide a series of blogging tasks in a simple calendar?”

About the 28 Day Blogging Challenge

From this idea Kathleen developed a 28-Day Blogging Challenge!

It’s a realistic, bite-sized blogging plan made up of actionable activities you can complete over four weeks!

Here’s what it looks like:

I’m a strong believer of the benefits of challenge based activities, especially if you’re able to participate within a team environment, as Darren Rowse’s 31 Days To Build A Better Blog, which I completed in 2007 is part of the reason as to how I became the Support manager for Edublogs and CampusPress.   The experience gained from participating in Darren’s 31 Days Project helped developed the Teacher Challenge Courses and Student blogging Challenges.

Read My Blogging Story: Part II to learn how blogging has been life changing for me.

My Adapted 28-Day Blogging Challenge

The best part of these types of challenges is you can adapt to your own goals and needs!

Here’s how I’ve adapted the plan to my needs which I’ll be working through the next 28 days:

My 28 Day Plan

As I work through my adapted plan I’ll also be referring to Kathleen’s 15 Blogging Ideas:

My Progress Report

Today I’ve achieved my first goal of publishing a new post and fixed up my email subscription.

Publishing Posts

If you are new to blogging you’ll find ideas for publishing posts and writing better blog posts here!  Here is where you’ll find information on setting up your blog.

Importance of Email subscription

If you have a blog it is a good idea to offer readers a way to subscribe to new posts via email.  Increasingly readers are accessing content they read from social media however there are still readers who prefer notification by email.

This allows readers to receive notification via email each time a post is published.  Here’s how you set up email subscription on Edublogs and CampusPress blogs.

Will You Take The Challenge?

Will you be undertaking the challenge? Would love to hear what you would like to achieve from the challenge.

Remember to leave a comment on Kathleen’s post with your blog URL so the other challenge participants can visit  your blog.

5 thoughts on “This 28-Day Challenge Will Kick Start Your Blogging

  1. Sue,
    It’s nice to see you taking the challenge too, Sue. You are being a good resource-sharing role model, as usual. It was your first teacher challenge “30 Days to Kick Start Your Blogging” that got me going on blogging a couple of years after your challenge with Darren.

    Thanks for all your support and encouragement over the years.

    My first post:


    1. Hi Denise

      That first “30 Days to Kick Start Your Blogging” made such a difference to so many educators! Looking forward to working through the challenge with you.


  2. Denise (above) sent me to your blog. I love anything that will get educators WRITING. Thank you for sharing your challenge with the world. I’ve tweaked it, as well, and will continue to try to post on some sort of regular basis! Here’s to 2019! (My first post of 2019 –

  3. Thanks for sharing these interesting tips.
    I will also try to work on the challanges and post about my ideas about education in my blog.

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