What would YOU like me to do a Presentation on?

What would YOU like me to do a Presentation on?

Feel like helping out?

Some background

Reform Symposium 2010I”m presenting at The Reform Symposium, a 48 hour free e-conference that begins Friday, July 30th at 2pm PDT (LA Time) and ends Sunday, August 1st at 2:30pm PDT (LA Time).

You’ll find details for my presentation and how to join here!

But I’ve decided to be different.  Rather than me choose the topic of my presentation.  We’ve invited people to suggest topics (and titles).

I’ve now condensed topic suggestions — all we now need to do is finalise the choice.

Submit your vote

So here’s your chance!  What would you like me to present on?

Can you please vote by choosing your preferred topic from the poll?  And tell all your friends to vote quickly too.

For those wondering:

  • ‘Blogging for teachers” is tips and advice for teachers on blogging for personal and professional reflection
  • “Managing workflow” is how to effectively use tools like gmail, Google Docs, gtalk, Google Reader, Google Calendar etc to colloborate with others and manage your work

Voting has closed and the results are:

Student blogging

Final thoughts

Thanks for helping me out!

And off course — with limited time to organise.

Would love it if you should share your thoughts (for any of the topics) on:

  1. What you would like to know?
  2. What you think I need to cover?

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8 thoughts on “What would YOU like me to do a Presentation on?

  1. I’ve had my Technology students blog for a couple of years now, but I am always interested in other ideas, successes, as well as things that didn’t work. I’m also interested in Language Arts, I’m only a 2nd year Language Arts teacher (25 yrs in tech!) and definitely need management ideas as well as effective assignments for student bloggers. We didn’t blog as much last year as I had envisioned. If I’m going to have students blog more in Language Arts, I’ll need to prove that it’s a fantastic tool in my box of teaching tricks.

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