Are You Being A More Effective Blogger By Tracking Comments?

Are You Being A More Effective Blogger By Tracking Comments?

When I leave comments on other blogger’s posts I like to be notified on any new comments that are posted.  Maybe it is just me?  But comments by other readers and response(s) by the blogger help my learning.

Being notified of follow up comments means I can choose to continue the conversation by returning to the post to add further comments — this makes me a more effective blogger.  Needless to say, after 18 months of tracking comments, I’m ‘quite’ good at it.

Subscribing by RSS

There are several comment tracking services that allow you to subscribe to new commenting by RSS using your feed reader.   RSS is always my preferred choice when available because it makes my life easier.

Image of comment shutdown

I was using co.mments and cocomment but co.mments was discontinuing their services and shut down as of today!

Here is my detailed post on how to keep track on of new comments on other bloggers’ posts using cocomment.  One definite benefit of cocomment is if your comment is accidentally lost and you can normally find a copy of what you’ve written in your cocomment account e.g. your comment failed to post due to problems with the anti-spam word.

I’m now also using Commentful which is okay, as a backup, but doesn’t give me the type of RSS feed I like.

Subscribing by Email

There are several options if  you prefer email to RSS.

Some bloggers use the Subscribe to Comments plugin which allows readers to select ‘‘ when they write comments.  This means each time a new comment is posted you will recieve an email.

For posts that don’t have the option to ‘‘ you can always use:

  1. Commentful
  2. Bloppy
  3. Cocomment – select email notification in your account settings

Both comment tracking services provide the ability to track comments by email.

Image of Bloppy


People often ask me how I’m able to respond quickly to comments on other bloggers posts.  Hopefully this has answered those questions.

Would love to hear your thoughts! Do you like to track comments on other bloggers posts? If so, what is your method(s)?  What tips do you have for being more effective at tracking comments?

This was part of the Day 8 Task for Building a Better Blog.

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17 thoughts on “Are You Being A More Effective Blogger By Tracking Comments?

  1. Sue, I love the way your blog posts and tweets make me laugh out loud, often! Laughter is so good for the spirit, to get through the day(s)!

    Today, your “(quite) good” made me laugh!

    I agree with you that tracking followup comments to others’ blog posts is often rich source material for valuable reflection.

    I did not know about cocomment; I’m off to learn more about it now.

    I also need to learn how to add the option of the check box for “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” to my blog posts. [I’m guessing you’ve covered that for Edublogger somewhere; I’ll have to search for it!]

    Thanks for all your contributions to this wacky and wonderful virtual learning network journey we are embarked upon,
    Holly (AKA “Smilin7” / “Smiling7” / “blogblossoms”)

  2. @Holly glad both my posts and tweets make you laugh. Cocomment definitely has a steep learning curve to learn how to use compared to co.mments. But at the moment if you want RSS it is the best option.

    Don’t think I have added a post on how to add the notify option but I would recommend you use it. You will need to be an Edublogs supporter. Then go to plugin tab and click on activate next to Subscribe to Comments plugin.

  3. Okay, I’m red-faced. I answered my own questions. I see, when I go to make a comment, the cocomment box appears at the bottom … it wasn’t there when I put my previous comment in, honest!

    1. Oh Marie, trust me I am the red faced person at the moment. Made changes to my account and didn’t realise the comments were being sent to the wrong email account – if we keep it quiet no one will know.

  4. Interesting post…thanks very much Sue. It’s definitely something to consider for our blog ( Our teachingcommons project ( is about getting people together to talk about learning and teaching and we really want to get a bit more interactive on our blog comments – especially given that the blog aims to be a forum for exchanging good practice at the University!

    1. Glad you found the post useful. Making the time to interact with people who leave comments is really important! And message to self make sure when you make changes you don’t impact on ability to monitor comments on your own blog 🙂

    1. Definitely don’t feel silly Natasa – I couldn’t think of the answer either and had to Google it. Once I found the answer I realised, like you, it was obvious.

    1. Tracking comments has become a huge headache for me. Co.mments was the best and made it really easy. Cocomments is good but often struggles to track the conversations well.

      Unfortunately I have now started using notify by email, where it is an option, to make the task easier. Not sure if delicious would help me as I want to know when a new comment is posted and respond to it if I choose.

  5. At least with Delicious I can remember those posts where I added comments. My comments tag is part of my eportfolio on Delicious

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