My Edublogs Award Nominations for 2008!

My Edublogs Award Nominations for 2008!

Image of Edublogs awardsThere’s only a couple of days left to submit your Edublogs Award Nominations for 2008 — you only have until midnight November 30th.

And if you’re like me nominating is excruciating because so many amazing people have helped and supported me this year yet only one nomination is allowed for each category.

For me the most important of the Edublogs Awards is the opportunity to introduce helpful resources to my readers. Which is also the reason why this post is long.

Your nomination post doesn’t need to be this long – here is how you could write the post and then submit here!

So here’s my nominations and reasons:

1. Best individual blog – Steve Dembo’s Teach42

Becoming a better blogger, which lead to my role as The Edublogger, is directly related to my participation last year in The 31 Days To Build a Better Blog Project.

Steve Dembo’s adaption of this Project into 30 Days to Being a Better Blogger have been inspiring, and no other posts this year, besides Michele Martin’s 31 Day Comment Challenge posts, have engaged me and challenged as much as these posts.Image of Portable PD

2. Best group blogNathan Toft and Jane smith‘s

Nathan and Jane both use technology in their classroom and their blog is designed to share resources and tips for educators new to using technology.

3. Best new blog – Miss Wyatt’s Technology in the classroom

Sue Wyatt’s been absolutely inspirational this year since she started blogging in January. She’s an incredibly supportive blogger to both other student and adult bloggers. The Student blogging Competition she has run for over 200 student/class blogs during the past 10 weeks has touched the lives and inspired so many students from so many countries.

I, like all the student bloggers and teachers involved, would like to say thanks Sue (and please don’t tell me it’s over!).

4. Best resource sharing blog Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day

Larry’s dedication to sharing websites and information is astonishing. People often ask if I don’t sleep (I do) but I’m sure Larry doesn’t. If I want to know which online tool is “The Best of….” his site is the first place I visit.

5. Most influential blog post – Al Upton’s Order for Closure

As Graham Wegner’s says “What other post gathered 271 posts and created such a ripple in the edublogosphere this year.”

6. Best teacher blog – Anne Mirtschin’s On an e-journey with Generation Y

If you even spoken to Anne you soon realise she is softly spoken (as opposed to me) but her posts are packed powerful advice on blogging with students drawn from her classroom experiences.

7. Best librarian / library blog – Judy O’Connell’s Hey Jude

Image of HeyJudeWhat other librarian lets you help with a make over (in Second Life)? Mind you Judy now looks way better than me in Second Life. I’m sure I speak for all Aussie Educators when I say thanks Jude for all your mentoring and support.

8. Best educational tech support blog – Silvia Tolisano’s Langwitches

Both Silvia Tolisano and Claire Thompson both write posts similar to my “how to” type posts. For example Silvia has done an excellent series on Digital Story telling. If you like my style of posts you will enjoy both Silvia Tolisano and Claire Thompson blogs.

9. Best elearning / corporate education blog – Tony Karrer’s eLearning Technologies

Often feel that elearning in my education sector (vocational, education and training) is between K12 and corporate elearning; where it contains components of each but is different.

Tony’s blog provides me an insight into corporate elearning world while his posts provoke me to respond more than to most bloggers.

10. Best educational use of audio – Joe Dale’s Integrating ICT into the MFL Classroom

Image of ipodDon’t believe I’ve met anyone more passionate about podcasting than Joe Dale. If you’re interested in podcasting and how it can be used with students definitely check out Joe’s blog.

Alternatively if you looking for podcasts from the vocational, education and training sector visit Talking VTE podcasts.

11. Best educational use of video / visualKathryn Greenhill‘s Murdoch University Island in Second Life

Kathryn’s created an excellent video explaining how Murdoch University uses it’s Second Life Island with their students. She’s been an important mentor for me, and I’ve learnt so much about blogging from her. She’s also one of my favorite conference presenters.

12. Best educational wikiFlat Classroom Project 2008

The Flat Classroom project coordinated by Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay has been running since 2006 and continues demonstrate the power of classrooms connecting with each other to collaborate in global projects. I like, many edubloggers around the World, am grateful for all the mentoring support Vicki Davis has given me.

13. Best educational use of a social networking serviceDean Groom’s Teen Second Classroom

While Classroom 2.0 and Oz/NZ Educators are important communities for educators to network with each other, communities like Dean Groom’s Teen Second Classroom demonstrate how these networks can be used with students in an educational context.

14. Best educational use of a virtual worldJo Kay’s Jokaydia

Without Jo Kay and Jokaydia I would still be looking like a Second Life newbie. Lucky we have people like Jo Kay to look after us!

15. Best class blog – Paul Bogush’s Collaboration Nation-A Middle School BlogImage of Bamboo

Whatever Paul’s doing with his students I think we should bottle it as it is definitely worth money. Never seen so many students inspired to willingly want to write posts and comment, before and after school, and on weekends.

16. Lifetime achievement – Michele Martin’s The Bamboo Project

Michele has helped, mentored, supported so many people in such vastly different ways. And her reach has included edubloggers, non-profit, elearning, workplace literacies and corporate learning.

39 thoughts on “My Edublogs Award Nominations for 2008!

  1. Sue,
    Thank you so much for nominating my class blog. It has been great running the student blogging competition this year and I am sure it is not yet over. I will think more about it over the holidays once reports etc are out of the way.

  2. Hey Sue,

    On behalf of my kids who missed out this year – thanks. How powerful to say to them. “See … what’s happened this year and the learning from of it has made a difference. People listen and care.” I reckon they are the most proud of ALL my miniLegends 🙂

    Cheers, Al

  3. Yey, wow, cool, fab, ace – amazing, erm, sweet. On behalf of the kids – thanks! You are super user, I’m stoked! Dean

  4. Sue, I’m glad to see we concur about the most influential post – in fact, I’d wonder if the other nominations for this category spawned as many urgent skype conversations, joined together people for a common cause, got educational leaders talking to grassroots practitioners and struck such a common chord. I know Al is typically modest about the reach of this post – but it has provoked more real action and review than many other “influential” posts.

  5. Thank you Mrs. Waters for nominating my class, Collaborationnation. That means alot to us. We have learned so much and i hope to learn much more.

    Thanks again

  6. hey,
    thanks you so much for voting us to be best class blog. i am really honered that you picked our class blog. Mr. Bogush helps us with the blogs and inspires us. He tells us that the world reads about our school and it makes us feel special, and write more posts and comments.
    i just wanted to thank you for nominating our class blog.

    thanks you SO much


  7. Hi Mrs. Waters,

    I’m from Collaboration Nation, and I just wanted to thank you so much for writing such positive things about us. I really do enjoy blogging, and it’s all thanks to Mr. Bogush. Without him I never would’ve known about any of this stuff. Our whole team owes him for showing us how to use our blogs. It’s really a great way to communicate with people. Using my blog, I have befriended people in Australia, Canada, and even Portugal! I never would’ve met any of those people without his help.

    Thanks again for the praise for our class blog.

  8. Hello (M) rs.Waters,
    I would first like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to do blogging. I feel I learned so much about other countries and who they are and how they live. I would also like to thank you for nominating our class for “Best Class Blog”.You have given me a new perspective on the internet world. I use to see the horrible influences all over the internet but now I see bog’s that influence great things. I learned that sometimes you need to go out of ordinary to meet new people.
    I was reading around and I found this quote by Brian Clark “Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.”

    So, that’s it, just thanks. 🙂

    <3 Julya

  9. Hi Mrs. Waters,
    I am a part of Mr. Bogush’s class, Collaboration Nation. Blogging is a lot of fun but before this school year started it hasn’t meant anything to me. I’m so greatful that I got the chance and thank you so much for the positive feedback on Mr. Bogush’s Collaboration Nation.

    Thanks again for everything,

  10. Thanks Sue for your nomination of our Flat Classroom Project Wiki! I really appreciate your support and appreciation of what we are trying to do.
    Just a heads up, if you are looking to observe the power of classrooms collaborating keep in touch with our Flat Classroom Conference happening here in Doha January 24-26, 2009. We have classrooms globally coming to participate in real time as well as virtual members. The Ning to watch is

    Thanks again for your nomination!
    Julie Lindsay
    Qatar Academy

  11. Hey Sue, I thank you for this very great honour of nominating me for the awards. Coming from you, one of my great mentors, makes it even more special. Yesterday, I had to meet a friend in Penshurst, a small Western District town at the base of Mt Rouse. While I waited I had a cup of tea in the beautifully restored bluestone tearooms and reflected on my journey over the last 15 months as this is where it began – grade 6 and me making podcasts for the local volcanoes discovery centre as part of an education department grant that required me to use web2.0 tools as part of it and hence blogging began. the tea rooms had views of Mt Rouse. This has made my weekend even more special and sentimental. Thank you.

  12. Thank you so much Sue, for nominating our class. It is such an honor, especially because Mr. Bogush does such a great job.

  13. Hello Mrs.Water,

    Thank you so much for nominating our class, Collaboration Nation. I have had so much fun blogging. Mr.Bogush is such a great teacher. Thank you again for the honor.


  14. Hello! I’m from Collaboration Nation. Thank you for nominating our class. This means a lot to us. This is totally going inspire us to keep on blogging.
    Thanks For The Honor,

  15. Hey, I’m from Collaboration Nation. Thanks for nominating our class. I love blogging Mr. Bogush (Paul) Makes it fun ! I Love it!

    Thank you sooo much its a true honor


  16. Sue, I’m truly honored. I’m a huge admirer of your work here and at the EduBlogger (as evidenced by the number of links back to your posts during the challenge!), so to have you nominate me is truly an award in itself.

    Thanks for your vote of confidence.


  17. Hi Sue,

    It was quite a surprise to see included in your list of nominations. It sure was a nice boost to the ol’ ego to hear that we are on the right track. As the same time, it’s pretty humbling to be mentioned among so many stellar blogs.

    Thanks for thinking of us. Jane and I have learned a great deal from your blogs.


  18. @Larry It’s a pleasure to nominate you. I’m in awe of the work you do and the resources you share.

    @Miss W. Your blogging journey has been incredible. To go from a new blogger to inspiring students from so many countries around the World has been a pleasure to watch.

    @Al Upton and @Graham Wegner People did listen and care. As Graham said it had the greatest impact on the edublogging community. No other post that I know of provoked more real action and reflections.

    @Dean Groom Same back at you 🙂 , The work you did with the students was great and I wanted to showcase a Ning being used in an educational context as opposed to a professional development context.

    @sam, Karen7, Mallorie, Julya, Melissa, Julie, Hailey, Amanda, Katie, ilana109 It was an absolute pleasure to nominate your class blog. I’ve been amazed and inspired by how committed your class has been to blogging even in the times when there were issues you all went on and continued to work hard. Hope that you all continue with your blogging.

    @Julie Lindsay Your Flat Classroom and Horizon Projects have been my favorite wikis for years and inspire so many people. I did check out your ning and best of luck with your conference.

    @Murcha It was an absolute pleasure to nominate you. Your posts where you share your experiences of using technology in the classroom are excellent for teachers trying to work out how they can use it themselves.

    @Steve You totally deserve the nomination. After surviving the 31 Day project, Comment Challenge and Student blogging Competition I know the amount of effort involved to run these type of activities. If my commitments hadn’t been so high this month I would have joined as a participant. The good news is your tasks will live on and hopefully others will work through them. Best of luck finishing the project tomorrow.

    @Nathan What I like about your blog was the fact you are both classroom teachers. It was a pleasure to nominate you and I’m still suffering from comment avatar envy. Off course this may give you added pressure to blog more 🙂

  19. Hey Sue!
    Thanks so much for doing the blogging compotition. I am part of Paul Bogush’s class and we aall really enjoyed evrything!

    Thanks again!


  20. Hi Sue!
    I want to thank you and Ms. Wyatt for coming up with such a great idea for students across the globe. It was very captivating and I loved it. I appreciate your gratitude toward Paul Bogush’s class, I and all my classmates appreciate it very much, and I know Paul does too. Thank you once more, I hope to encounter with you again!

    Brian. # 24

  21. Hey Sue,
    I am part of Paul Bogush’s class and I wanted to thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I had a fun time doing this competiton and blogging with others around the world. We all appreciate this wonderful experience. Thanks again.:)


  22. Hey Sue,
    Thanks so much for voting us as the best class blog. This was such a wonderful experience too talk with people all over the world and see whats it’s like in thier counrty. Thanks so much.

  23. Hey Miss Waters:
    I am a member of Collaboration Nation and would like to personally thank you for giving our group such a wonderful review. I feel very honored to have been nominated best class blog. Again, thank you. Keep blogging!

  24. Hi Sue,
    I would like to thank you for nominating us as the best class blog!!! This has been a great opportunity for all of us and we couldn’t have done it without your help!!! I had a great time with the blogging competition and I made some very nice friends in different places that I know I will keep talking to even though the competition is over!!! Thanks again!!!


  25. This is great I checked out all the websites and you are right except I didn’t check collaboration nation because that is my classes blog but the decisions were perfect.

  26. Hi Sue,
    I am part of Mr. Bogush’s class. We really feel honored to be nominated. Thank you so much. We have really enjoyed the competition and have put a lot of effort into it. We really appreciate the nomination.
    Thanks again,

  27. I am also part of Mr. Bogush’s class. It is an honor that you appreciate what we write, I think that we all have our inspiratioin, and that is what keeps us going. The competition and even our daily lives is what keeps us willing to do more. We all thank you very much, this has openes a new door for us…
    Thank you again ^^

  28. Hey Sue!
    Thank you SO much for nominating our class blog Collaboration. It means a lot!
    It’s nice being a small classroom in CT and than being noticed and brought to life by this nomination.

    Thanks again,

  29. @Emily, Brian, Cameron, Ali, Tiffanyw109, Anna, Rachel, Dale, Megan, Asia, Laceyw09, Ashley Thanks for all dropping past. I’m glad your class is pleased about being nominated for the best class blog. You have all worked hard so you should all be pleased. The voting for the winner will probably start next week. Best of luck.

  30. Hey Sue, thanks for the nomination and your really kind words. I missed the link to this post in all the noise caused by the “google will tell you which blogs have you on their blogroll as well as which posts link back to your blog” hoo har.

    I’m really, really tickled that now the nominations are up, I am in a category with Michael Wesch and the Commoncraft Show 🙂

  31. @Blogging Tips Thanks for the vote.

    @Kathryn No problem at all. I’m having similar problems so started subscribing to Technorati feed in Google Reader. Apparently they may fix it in January.

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