Blogging, Chocolate Murray Cods And Let’s Not Forget Bubble Wrap!

Blogging, Chocolate Murray Cods And Let’s Not Forget Bubble Wrap!

Iamge of chocolate fishLet’s be honest, I’m not sure about others, but I don’t expect gifts when I do presentations but it’s always nice to receive. But I usually give them away (usually to a participant) ’cause I don’t drink.

But thanks to Kerry J I received the absolute prefect presentation gift for EDNA’s Blogging – it’s a conversation — two wonderful chocolate Murray Cod’s. Honestly what else would you give a chocolate loving fish farming lecturer. Image of letter

About Haigh’s Chocolate Murray Cod

Murray Cod is the largest freshwater fish species found in Australia and occurs naturally in Eastern parts of Australia. Unfortunately wild Murray Cod numbers are declining. We farm this species in ponds and intensive recirculations systems.

Haigh’s Chocolates has donating part proceeds from the sale of chocolate Murray Cods towards Waterfind Environment Fund for improving the health of Australia’s river systems (the fish even came with their own letter!!!). What an excellent idea!! And they tasted delicious!

The Extra Gift

What Kerry J didn’t realise was that she had sent two gifts not one! Shhhh don’t tell her ๐Ÿ™‚ . Mr9, my youngest son, saw the chocolates (apparently weren’t appealing to him) and stole the bubble wrap which he spent hours playing with (check out this video!).


You can check out the podcast from my online session for EDNA’s Blogging – it’s a conversation here!! Thanks Kerry J for putting so much thought into the present from both me and Mr9 — we both enjoyed them a lot.

Meanwhile what is the best gift you have received as a presenter or participant at a conference?

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7 thoughts on “Blogging, Chocolate Murray Cods And Let’s Not Forget Bubble Wrap!

  1. You are SOWelcome Mr Waters! And to you to Miss Sue . A colleague told me about the chocolate cod when I said I wanted to get you something unique — she didn’t know you were an aquaculture instructor until I quit squealing and repeating HOW PERFECT!!!

  2. @Kerry J I could just imagine how you rolled around on the floor laughing.

    @Sarah Those are nice. My favourite gift as a participant was the laptop cleaner that Alan Levine gave.

  3. Kia ora Sue!

    Chocolate fish! First calss NZ presents they’d make, and they even look delicious on the screen!

    What a cute wee boy you have, Sue. My kids never relinquished bubble-wrap when they got a hold of it.

    Pop – crack – snap – splat! That was the end of that.

    Ka kite
    from Middle-earth

  4. Chocalate fish…That is a new one.(probaly because I live in america), but if I see chocalate fish somewhere I will definatly give it a try. I have a question for you. we have alot of Outback Steakhouses in America. These resturants themes are all about Austrailia, like the outback, kangaroos, and some of the food. So I was wondering if there are any restraunts in Austrailia that have america as a theme?

    Thanks comment me back please!!!!

  5. Hehe I was intrigued to read this posts right after I saw the fish! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But you sent me a comment on on one of my posts about about plurk, not really any of my friends use it I just do, I dont know anyone who uses it, but its fun!

  6. @Ken Was absolutely delicious and I didn’t share. Thanks re my son. He is cute especially when asleep. I couldn’t believe how long he spent playing with it.

    @Julie You might be interested to know that when I heard about Outback Steakhouses I was so upset that I wrote a blog post as there is nothing Aussie about their food. What we eat is nothing like their menu.

    There are a few restaurant chains in Australia that have an American theme but not sure they are really true. One would be the Lone Star Restaurant.

    @Julya that is interesting that you use Plurk – who do you chat with using it?

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