Comment Challenge: Days 1 – 4

Comment Challenge: Days 1 – 4

Oh dear! I’m way behind in recording my reflections from the Comment Challenge so it’s time to play catch-up (apologies for the long post).

But before I do I liked to thank Michele Martin for the excellent daily tasks she has created. Thanks Michele (you’re amazing)!

Day 1: Do a Comment Self Audit

Michele’s task for Day 1 is to do a Comment Self Audit of my own commenting practices.

  1. How often do you comment on other blogs during a typical week? — Lets just say I’m a prolific commenter
  2. Do you track your blog comments? — I use both cocomment and co.mment which feed into my Google Reader using their RSS feed. Means I can rapidly respond to new comments on other people’s blogs if I choose.
  3. Do you tend to comment at the same blogs or do you try to comment on at least one new blog per week?– Always visiting new blogs ๐Ÿ™‚

While I think Gina Trapani’s Guide to Blog Comments is good I don’t agree with all her tips — unfortunately to explain why would need a blog post. However Betty Gilgoff in her Day 1 reflections suggests Gina’s guide “would actually be a good resource for students when setting up blogging with a group”– which I think is an excellent idea (with some modifications).

Do you use a Guide to Blog Comments with your students? If so, can you share the link for us to check out?

Progress = Completed ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Day 2: Comment on a New Blog

Michele’s task for Day 2 is to do a comment on a new blog (which I do all the time).

I try my best to visit and leave comments on:

  • Blogs of readers who leave comments on my blogs
  • Blogs that link to my blogs

While this is good practice for building a blog community, my main reasons are to thank the person and support new bloggers.

Progress = Completed ๐Ÿ˜‰

Day 3: Sign up for a Comment Tracking Service

On Day 3 Michele set us the task of signing up for a comment tracking service. As Michele says “To really engage in conversations through blog commenting, you need to develop some effective strategies for managing the comments you make on other blogs. A comment tracking service is a great solution.”

Cammie Bean introduced me to tracking comments, using Co-mment, during the 31 Days To Build A Better Blog last year when I complained that leaving comments on other peoples blogs frustrated me because it was too hard (time consuming) to know if the blogger responded. I now also use cocomment because its excellent for community building and tagging (here’s my post on how to use cocomment).

Progress = Completed ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Day 4: Ask a Question

Michele’s task for Day 4 is to ask a Question as she says “One of the most powerful conversation starters is to ask a question. It’s one of the best ways to engage the blogger and other commenters in further discussion.” Whenever appropriate I ask open-ended and thought provoking questions for the reasons Michele highlights.

Don’t get disappointed if the blogger and other commenters doesn’t respond back — unfortunately not all bloggers respond back to comments on their posts and not all commenters using comment tracking tools. But when they do you see some amazing conversations happen.

Progress = Completed ๐Ÿ˜€


There’s still time for you to join us for 31 Day Comment Challenge! Just go across to Michele Martinโ€™s blog to get started with the tasks and add your name to our participants page.

Remember to follow our tagging recommendations for the Challenge.

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7 thoughts on “Comment Challenge: Days 1 – 4

  1. Hey Sue,
    What an amazing project you guys have bitten off here. I’m watching as a passive observer this time around (really, I have NO time), but am learning from all of your experiences just the same…My goal will be to try to keep commenting, even if I’m not posting so much…


  2. Hi Sue, this comment challenge is a great idea. May is the month we are commenting on students reports (due at the end of the month) and I decided not to make my life busier.

    Like Cammy, I’ve come across information on this challenge from this and other blogs and I will come back and look through the challenge to learn more about commenting (in June!).

  3. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for mentioning cocomment. I also want to point out that integration is very easy, found on the home page
    Spread the word among bloggers!

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  5. Hi Sue,

    Well, this is my first comment to anyone’s blog. I am so new to this that I am somewhat lost in the technology. But, I am going to start at day 1 and try to get on board.

    Thanks for coming up with a method to train the awkwardness out of us. I will attempt to keep in touch as I develop my own blog in preparation for class integration in the fall.

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