Becoming A More Effective Blogger:The 31 Day Blogging Project

Becoming A More Effective Blogger:The 31 Day Blogging Project

betterblog.jpgAs Graham Wegner highlighted in his comment on The Edublogger –“it wasn’t all that long ago (well over a year I think!) I had a Skype conversation with Alex Hayes and your good self where you declared that you didn’t really “get blogging.” So true, I didn’t get blogging and was into podcasting! Yep, took awhile to “get blogging” and thankfully the 31 Day Blogging Project made me a more effective blogger.

For me, the key to my gain from the 31 Day Blogging Project, was completing the daily tasks while collaboratively working together within a team of 14 participants. Knowledge gain was greater working in a team, because each individual gained a different perspective from the task – giving participants greater “food for thought!”

The team aspect of the project is sooo important — which is why I pleased that a new group of bloggers have just begun working together on the 31 Day Project! Congratulations Kate Olson, Sarah Stewart, Jess Mcculloch and Andy Roberts (please drop past their blogs to provide assistance and encouragement). Kate’s explanations for her involvement are inspirational

As just anyone in the world has the power to create a blog, I feel it’s my responsibility to go above and beyond to learn all that I can. My students (and colleagues learning from me in the professional development arena) deserve to have an educator who is dedicated to learning.

Here are some tips from my experience of the 31 Day Project that will help keep you sane going:

Check Out What Others Learnt

Before I started a task I would first check out what the others had learnt! Saved time and gave me ideas! Summary of what I learnt is located on this page of my wiki with links to daily tasks you need to complete (those relating to being a problogger have been remove). Click on the participants photo on the 31 Day Project page of my blog to view what each participant learnt when we did the project (please let me know if there is a problem with any links and I will fix).

Recording The Progress of Your 31 Day Project

Personally I recommend writing posts of what you learn on your blog so that your readers can also help you with your journey. My readers provided me with sooooo much guidance, help, assistance and mentoring; thanks everyone! However as I progressed I found it was better to post several tasks in the same post e.g. 31 Days To Build A Better Blog — Day 20-26 plus posts from my journey which would help my readers e.g. Why Does Technorati Mock Me?, Why Didn’t I install Google Analytics Sooner?, How keep track of new comments on other bloggers’ posts!

As you progress it is easy to lose track and feel worn out! Ticking off progress was important – writing the task number with progress status, smiley face and the famous tick/cross all helped (especially the image of the tick and smiley face).


For those that have already completed the 31 Day Project — What are your tips/advice for the new participants?

If you have been thinking about doing the 31 Days to build a better blog, or wanted to improve your blogging, I strongly recommend you join the latest 31 Day Project Team and join the Better Blog Community (so the community can supply support)! Please let me know if you are joining so I can drop past your blog to provide encouragement.

7 thoughts on “Becoming A More Effective Blogger:The 31 Day Blogging Project

  1. This is great, Sue! I’ve just posted to see if more people want to join in. We got so much out of the community aspect–I’d love for everyone to go through it like we did.

  2. Thank you Sue for all your encouragement. Have already made some changes to follow your advice. I am now off camping for a week so will get a bit behind, but that’s OK. cheers Sarah

  3. Hi Kate – you shouldn’t be surprised to see yourself quoted. You have done a fantastic job forming together the team to undertake the 31 Day Project and your reasons why are inspirational to other educators.

    Thanks Christine – it was on my to-do-list to go to the forum but I finished the post and then forgot! so much on my mind lately.

    Thanks Michele for the post and for sharing your links in the forum. I also would love them to gain from the community aspect and the good news is a team is forming.

    Sarah as always I have been closely watching your progress. You are doing so well. Enjoy your camping trip — my secret in writing several tasks in the one post was it meant I could do all my home work on the one day 🙂 – except for the plan a series of posts. Which was hard but made a big difference to my traffic.

  4. Sue: Projects are a great way to learn more and complete new activities. Join with other people to do it, and the project becomes even more powerful.

    I appreciate your great take-away lesson, and I want to learn more about this project.

    I follow murcha and kolson29 on Twitter, and I found your blog from Anne’s blog. Thanks!

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