Update On Getting More Out Of Google Reader

Update On Getting More Out Of Google Reader

Google has just added some more features to Google Reader so I thought it was appropriate to write a new post to update my post on Getting More Out of Google Reader. Thanks Martin Weller from The Ed Techie for alerting me to how recommendations have now been added to Google Reader (answer to your question — found your blog through Edublog Awards not Google Recommendations).

The two new features are:discover


Recommendations have been added to Google Reader to help with the discovery of new sites to subscribe to by providing personalised recommendations based on your current subscriptions and web history data.

It can be accessed from your Google Reader home page or by clicking on Discover (to browse for feeds – click on the browse tab within Discover).


Drop and Drag

drag and dropGoogle Reader has now added drag-and-drop support for your subscriptions and folders which means you can now easily move feeds between folders, as well as reorder things up and down within your subscription list i.e. can re-arrange now with drag-and-drop instead of using Feed Settings or Manage Subscriptions.

Don’t forget to check out the Edublog Awards 2007 finalists because you may find some new blogs to subscribe to in the list. You can vote for your favourite blogs by clicking on each Category title.

Decided to change my blog themealways get very nervous when I do this. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Better or worse?

And if you’re enjoying this blog, please consider subscribing for free.

12 thoughts on “Update On Getting More Out Of Google Reader

  1. Hi Sue
    change is in the air! This is a nice clean theme but if you don’t change the photo banner header, you do see it quite a bit. Show us a bit of Perth up there!

  2. Sue, your new theme is clean, clear and very accessible. (What was yr old one again?)

    Thanks for the tips on google reader. I’d just discovered the new Discover feature, but had no idea you could drag and drop!!

    (Plus your screen grabs with the balloon labels are just brilliant. SnagIt, innit?)

    all the best, michael

  3. Hi Kate — you were so quick. I was in the process of changing the banner and was trying to decide on the image. May change it to a Christmas theme but at the moment it is an image of Perth.

    Hi James – thanks as you know themes do drive me crazy but this one is working for me. Cool stuff, looking forward to it.

    Hi Michael – I agree definitely clean and clear – good to hear accessible. Definitely SnagIT – make sure you check out my other post on Getting More Out of Google Reader as there are even more tips.

  4. I like this theme much better, much cleaner look, less to distract from the content. I also like that the screenshots are a bit less cluttered and easier to follow. Your blog just keeps getting better and better!

  5. Thanks Michele, Christine and Alex – I am glad you like my new theme. At least this way I can display a tag line and actually take part in activities that let me change my blog colour for a month. Amazing how long it has taken me to find this theme.

  6. Hi Sue,

    Caught a comment about the new look on Twitter. Design is important. I envy your control over it. I don’t know how to do that on my blog. Nice presentation and easy to read.

    I agree with comments that have been made; however, and this is a nit pit…, when I look at the text above and below the banner image, I want better balance. Just a thought.

    Can you get “front page” and “contact” to be equally distant from the respective left and right edge of the image with appropriate spacing between the rest of the words?

    On the line below the image, can you center the phrase below the banner image.

    Finally, consider how the spacing of the text above and below the banner image aligns.

    Details, details….

    Helpful post though … thanks for keeping us informed!


    Dennis Richards

  7. Hi Dennis — unfortunately like you I have little control over the theme of my blog since I choose to use a company (Edublogs) as opposed to hosting my own blog. This means I can only choose from the themes available and can’t make any changes to the one I use.

    The only adjustment I can make is the centering of wording below the banner image because I used photoshop to add the words. I wanted the words because this was the only way I could add a tagline.

    Thanks for your thoughts though because I am always fiddling with my theme to improve the look.

    Glad you found the post useful.


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