The Serious Side of Second Life!

The Serious Side of Second Life!

RubyWhat can I say? My readers have certain expectations!

Poor Sarah and Kate have been waiting patiently for me to inform them how Second Life can be use for educational purposes for serious learning and I have been busy behaving like a “blank?” in Second Life. Those that have seen me in action in Second Life in the past week please feel free to fill in the blank on their thoughts on my appropriate/inappropriate behaviour!

As I highlighted in a post on Ning the time it has taken me from being introduced to a tool and then actually start using them effectively either in my own learning or with my students varies from 2 to 12 months. As I have only been in Second Life for 12 days it is too soon for me to reflect of its educational use instead I strongly recommend you check out Jo Kay and Sean Fitzgerald’s edcuational use of second life information.

WOW! What can I say about Second Life? Like any social networking site your friends are the key and lets be honest I have fantastic friends! Participate in any of these sites, without a good network of friends and your experience would be totally different! Friends are what makes these sites and the quality of your friends ultimately determines what you will take away from your interaction.

Fortunately I am in the position that I have my SL newbie friends (Noodlez, Simon and Sue) and experienced SL friends (such as Jo Kay, Sean Fitzgerald, Alex Hayes, Judy O’Connell, Kathryn Greenhill, Gary Barber, Jane Nicholls, Elizabeth Clark, Kevin Gamble) who enhance my Second Life experience.

If you reflect on how I interact within Second Life with other social networks I am sure that those with me in there would say they are seeing a totally new dimension of Sue Waters from one they have ever seen! Suddenly you have a Sue who is:

  • playful – thanks Sean it was sooooo funny watching Alex fly off into the sky when I gave him the balloon! Could not stop laughing as he screamed into the distance!
  • laughing – never laughed as much as I have been in the last week interacting in SL
  • vain – I am soooo sexy now! Thanks to Jo Kay I have a totally new body — look and walk like Elle Macpherson and tell everyone how sexy I am… Kevin I have flexi hair now! Just wondering if I can buy a voice synthesizer to make my voice go with my body?
  • playing dress up – I am definitely not a girlie girl but I can not believe the other night I was playing dress up with my friend Sue to help her out.

Probably of all the social networking sites Second Life is contributing the greatest to developing my online identity because it is providing a true reflection of who I am (except for the fact that I am not vain — all women like to feel sexy!). And we should remember that learning should be fun!

15 thoughts on “The Serious Side of Second Life!

  1. Even with friends in SL there is a wall or usefulness. It takes me a bout four sessions to find it again. A big component to the improvement to SL is the addition of audio.

  2. >Just wondering if I can buy a voice synthesizer to make my voice go with my body?

    That actually was an issue Linden was dealing with when they were working on the voice solution. Having to use your real voice changes everything in SL. We need the voice synthesizer. They were testing some, and they said they weren’t happy with any of them. Imagine the problem if you were just pretending to be a woman? Your real voice blows the whole illusion. Someday perhaps…


  3. It is amazing how many hours can pass while you are in SL! I have spent a lot of time shopping and exploring but the main draw card for me is conversation. I go into SL whenever I am feeling isolated and want a quick natter with someone (hopefully someone intelligent) ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Love the new look, Sue! I would be interested in using it to work through midwifery scenarios eg what the student would do in the case of a hemorrhage. I’m waiting for Leigh to show us SL-am too scared to go there by myself!!

  5. Sue, you’ve done a great job, and I’m green with envy. I happen to be a newbie too and certainly don’t fit with the illustrious company that you listed me with. PLUS you have a sexy new look with the help of JoKay. Now come on – that’s not fair….where’s my new look? On a serious note though, fun is where all learning should start – and I love hearing you laugh as you learn! But it will be as interesting a journey to discover the full potential – just like it was with the WWW. Look how far we have come, and now think about how far we will go. Wow!

  6. Hi Sue,

    I’m happy that your ENJOYING SecondLife because that was my whole intent of encouraging you to have a go and just get in there an have a play.

    It’s a great space despite the fact that it’s struggling to go open source etc. I really am taken with the immersive and “real” experiences of meeting others in there.

    I must admit it’s still a bit odd for me but I find that it’s closer to a dream state than a web state and that excites me. I love being immersed in spaces that take me out of body and into a spiritual domain, where I can laugh and be happy and content.

    It’s great to hear your enjoying it all. Thanks for your enthusiastic and realistic assay of what it means to be trying out where the web is headed ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Sue Second Life Waters-

    What can I say? It’s about time you’ve finally joined the 21st Century and spent a little time in SL.

    That said, I think you may have passed me by with your new “skins”. I’m stuck with my native skin, but I have actually created things (a shirt and a box to distribute shirts).

    Pretty fun stuff, and very easy to become immersed.

    Now, what are your educational uses for SL?

  8. Hi Sue,

    So cool to see you’re enjoying SL. I’m too scared to change my appearance as I don’t want to end up naked somewhere where I shouldn’t be!

    I found SL a bit isolating at first, I really do agree that you need friends to help you around and show you places to hang out.

  9. Hi Sue,
    I can relate to all of that. It’s hard to think about educational content at first, you need to immerse yourself in something and really get to know the environment first.
    You seem a lot like me, in that you totally engage in something and are full-on about with it as you learn it.
    Your new look is tops! Trouble is, I find, the cheekier your look is, the cheekier you seem to get in both Second and real life!
    Also, sorry I havenโ€™t spent much time with you in Second Life. Iโ€™ve had to spend some more time in real Life as I lost my balance! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    See you in-world soon.

  10. Gary

    I agree audio has definitely made SL far more attractive. However I am wondering if you are like me. In normal Skype conversation you would talk for awhile then say time to go whereas in SL you seem to stay talking longer?

    While I joke about having the right voice – I am not sure it is a good thing to be able to alter it. Surely then we would not be representing our true self?

    Yes there is something about SL that makes you want to go back in to have conversations.

    The thought of midwife scenarios is so cool – now that is an application in SL that I can see real education value. Did you want me to organise a tour guide?

    Am happy to include you in the experience group because you are doing some great building. Your area is looking really good. Hope you like your new makeover? What does your husband think now? Think I may have corrupted you?

    Thanks for your feedback on my posts on SL and obviously thanks for introducing me to SL. My hubby may now be sending you the bill for my addiction. (Note he also says I look like a hooker).

    So good to know that I may be overtaking some of the more experienced like you in SL. Still pondering educational uses but Sarah’s midwife scenario really grabs me so I am hoping I can help her out.

    When you are ready I will take you to a quiet place and help you with your appearance. Just let me know time and place.

    All is cool about life balance — you have to have some (yes I know so you should Sue Waters). Definitely cheeky in SL.

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