I’m Feeling Like Crap! Please Help Me Out!!!

I’m Feeling Like Crap! Please Help Me Out!!!

Worn outThis week I am writing a series on posts on the use of Web 2.0 with students and so far I have not talked about any Web 2.0 tool instead I have covered: the Fact or Fiction? You Tell Me of our digital natives; reasons why our students might say This Is CRAP!!! when we use e-learning with them; and why the students may be correct hence Reasons Why IT May Be Crap!

After all this I am actually feeling crap, been working hard setting up the Etools and tips for educators community, and definitely worn out!

And my readers have suggested I am allowed to put my feet up occasionally!!!! Philip commented posting on your blog “every day is pushing it a bit for your stress levels so maybe every 2-3 day” would be better! Kate said “PS The secret anti-spam word is ‘chill.’ I think your blog is trying to tell you something!” while Jayne commented “Haha.. my secret spam word was ‘enjoy’. Good one.” Personally James–I think that was cruel putting those anti-spam words on a post about being stressed!

More importantly Michele highlighted the fact there is already a lot of people talking about Web 2.0 in education so if you do write about it you need to do it differently from the rest!

So today while I am feeling crap and tired out, instead of me talking about Web 2.0 with students, I would like you–MY READERS to help me out!

There are so many options, way too many, so could you please take the time to tell us about your favourite Web 2.0 tools that you use with students or that you have seen another educator use with students!

Please tell us:

  • What are your favourite Web 2.0 tools for using with students
  • What is it you like about these tools
  • What you are trying to achieve when using these tools
  • Tips for getting more out of these tools when using them with students
  • If you have a site set up where you uses these tools with your students so we can check them out

Thanks everyone for your help and I will report back on the responses tomorrow!. I am off to put up my feet to stop feeling crap, and enjoy/chill more (that is after I have worked out a suitable response to Jason (Webomatica) review of Adam Sandler’s movie Click–but hard Jase!! Perhaps you could also comment on his post for me? Maybe Jase could write me response back?)

4 thoughts on “I’m Feeling Like Crap! Please Help Me Out!!!

  1. What do your students want to be able to do? Ideas, projects, connections with community or each other? What do they use now?
    How can the tools they use be used to do more interesting things?
    What else might do some of those things?

  2. My week is crap! But apart from that, what a great question. I wonder whether everyone knows what Web 2.0 means. It’s a hotly contested term right now, with some people saying there’s no such thing, but hey, that’s all about semantics.
    So, to help Sue out on her day off, what are my favourites etc. as per her list.

    Google anything pretty much. Accessible, robust, they all work, mixture of fun and practical (stupid stuff as well as mail plus calendar and docs and spreadsheets for sharing) and you can put them all in the one place on iGoogle and use that for teaching about personal websites. And we all know where that can lead, blogs, online portfolios.

  3. Hi Lucychili and Kate – thanks for taking time to comment. Well as you can see I have got a bit side track with online editors and a matter of multi-tasking but do plan to start writing my examples this week.

    Kate – I definitely agree that Google is great and will be one of the first I write about.


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