When Stress is STRESSFUL!

When Stress is STRESSFUL!

StressYes I made time, finally, to fit time in to visit my doctor. Yes, you definitely did not need to know that! But I have to share this, because while I had to see him for a number of reasons, one of the problems he believes may be caused by stress, or better still depression!

[image by El Ramon and does not reflect my thoughts on my doctor – he is really nice]

Now I have spent the last 24 hours, not worried about the possible alternatives , but instead have been feeling incredibly stressed over the possibility that I am suffering from EXTREME STRESS or SEVERE DEPRESSION. And pondering in my mind if he is right! Trust me, stressing about if you are STRESSED is STRESSFUL and probably can lead to DEPRESSION unless you are already depressed!

Now, was I stress before I went in? Don’t believe so! Spent a nice relaxing 1 hour waiting in the surgery for the appointment, and was REALLY pleased that he took his time so I was finally able to finish reading Wikinomics. Any one who has read Wikinomics will be able to relate to my joy at finishing it!

So tonight I decided, like with any problem I face, to google it and find out if I really am stressed:

Amazing, passed all online stress test, not problem, and top marks for my ability to manage stress. Now I am feeling really happy because I managed to pass stress tests but failed both Internet and Blogging Addiction tests.

So then googled symptoms, WOW amazing fully explained condition, and clearly stated that occurs for unknown reasons. NONE of the articles mentioned STRESS as a cause!!!!

Final thought, the doctor is correct.

We all know it! I am doing too much, and I do run on a high stress level. But lets balance it all up by saying that I have been reasonably well, only one cold in 12 months. Yes, I do need to do some exercise, and spend less time online (his fault tonight as I had to put my mind at rest!)

And please note, I ALWAYS believe you should see your doctor! I am just one of those annoying patients that needs more information so I don’t feel stressed!

3 thoughts on “When Stress is STRESSFUL!

  1. Thing I hate with a passion is that you book an appointment and have the schedule double the time in your busy day to allow for the medico to be “running behind”. Hence its stressful for me sitting there doing nothing, now I take my laptop and work.

    I spoke to my doctor on this subject and after 15 years of going to the same GP she laughed at me. Took a lot to infact go to see her, I want to discuss the problem and she laughs. Thinks its a joke. Hence now I have a medico I can’t trust. I now can understand why there huge problem in society with stress. Especially when your GP thinks its a joke. No explanation, just being fobbed off and out the door. Frankly I have yet to find a good GP, who will listen.

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