Getting Into Blogging As An Educator!

Getting Into Blogging As An Educator!

BetterBogging There are so many reasons why I believe all educators should blog but Darren Draper expresses them better – check out his Reason #1, Reason #2, Reason #3, Reason #4, Reason #5, Reason #6, Reason #7, Reason #8)

Blogging is so valuable for your own personal learning. If you plan to use blogs with students, for elearning, you should be blogging personally yourself! Why? Increases your understanding of blogging and provides more insight on how to use blogs effectively with your students.

But trust me, I can totally relate to how overwhelming the idea of blogging can be to someone who has never blogged before.

So to help you out I have taken what I have gained from the 31 Day Project and created a stepped blogging program for you to either:

  1. Get Started in Blogging – for people who have never blogged or are just starting out
  2. Improving your Blogging effectiveness – for people who are already blogging

Realising that the key to blogging lies in effective reading of blogs I have also set up a section on how to subscribe to blogs.

While my blogging program was complied for educators, it is of benefit for anyone interested in blogging. Its aim is to progress people through from appreciating the value of blogging, through reading and commenting on blogs, to 5 Day Tasks for new blogger and eventually onto the 31 Day tasks for more experienced bloggers (based on Darren Prowse’s 31 Day Project).

Think About Personal Gain and Make the Time!

For bloggers who are feeling reluctant to undertake the 31 Day Project, due to commitments, remember you can extend it longer than 31 Days. Before you decide it is not for you read how much Michelle Martin gained from this Project!

MAKE the TIME to improve WHAT YOU DO! And join so we can support you while you undertake the Project.

10 thoughts on “Getting Into Blogging As An Educator!

  1. Hi Alex and Michele I am glad you like my wiki pages on blogging. Hopefully others gain benefit from using them. We already have two Newbies that are starting the 5 day Challenge as a result


  2. Great post, Sue – except you may have lied a little in the first few lines:

    I’m not so sure I’ve ever said it better than you. You’ve done an excellent job with your blog lately.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Fabulous wiki stuff Sue!! Thanks for sharing …..I know many will want to use these pages, or get ideas about how to set up their own stepped process to help others. I’m definitely going to tell people about this one 🙂

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