Window to this Edublogger’s World

Window to this Edublogger’s World

Today/yesterday (time zone dependent) was the first official online meetup for the new social network, EduBloggerWorld and as part of this event I was asked to share a window into my educational blogging world.

But what is EduBloggerWorld, and why is it important?

Well, EduBloggerWorld has been created to encourage connections and community among educational bloggers worldwide. Participants use it to share ideas on how they use tools like wikis, podcasts and blogs with students; and are enhancing their students’ learning by inviting teachers and students from other parts of the World into each others classroom using tools like Skype and blogs.

Who Can Join EduBlogger World?

DO you need to be qualify, be an expert or a TECHNO guru to join? NOPE the only qualifications needed are:

  1. A desire to improve teaching and learning
  2. A desire to improve community among educators worldwide
  3. A connection with blogging is desirable, be it past, present or future

Join EduBloggerWorld at our Ning community and read more on our wiki.

My Blogging Task for EduBloggerWorld MeetUp

My task for this first meetup is to write a post on: Where do you blog? How often do you blog? What do you blog about? Why is blogging so important to you?

However before I do this task I think I am allowed to have an official RANT. Please note some people say my rants are my best posts, while others suggest you should not be too personal when blogging.

I am currently Day 24 of the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Project, this is a serious challenge – there is chocolate at stake :). All of us chocolate participants have been working really hard, and learnt heaps, but our batteries are draining low from all the hard work. In fact I believe I can hear the other chocolate participants feeling my pain at writing post for ANOTHER task – besides the 31 Day Project or mlearning (mobile learning).

Also I have been posting between 1-3 posts for the past 24 days, some of my readers are overwhelmed and others are commenting on the lack of podcasts (although strictly speaking I think she said she preferred my podcasts).

Rant is now officially over! And I am writing this post because I believe that communities and networking is important; and it is important for educators to join EduBloggerWorld, not to lurk, but to participate – we all lead busy lives but all gain from helping one another (PS Darren my rant proves that I am not a computer!)

Where do I blog?

Mostly here, in the so called cyber brothel using Windows Live Writer.


But now I also use my new MacBook here! Wonder what the chances of a Live Writer version for a Mac is?


How often do you blog?

Normally several times a week – but 1-3 times at the moment for chocolate challenge.

What do you blog about?

Web 2.0, e-learning, m-learning, mobile technologies, professional development and rants.

Why is blogging so important to you?

  • To share my knowledge and experience with others
  • To network with others
  • Helps me express my thoughts
  • For my personal learning (when researching information for blogs and podcasts I learn more about the topic)

7 thoughts on “Window to this Edublogger’s World

  1. Hi Gary
    Thanks for telling me about the desktop version for the Mac. I will be checking it out when I get home. Sorry I did not realise you had put the link here about it – not sure whether I misread the email or what?

    Lets both agree though my mind is going as I could not remember the simplest of things to do with my Mac with iMovie. May be suffering from work overload.


  2. Hi Darren and Julie

    Thanks for taking the time to pop past and comment on my Window to Edublogger World. I, and others, appreciate the time you dedicate to organise this network.

    Look forward to future sessions.


  3. Just getting to your post, albeit two days later. Well put. (I like your rants too) Sorry I wasn’t able to coordinate my schedule for the Meet Up the other day and “meet” you. I’m sure we will be in touch more and more. I will be heading back to work in less than 2 weeks (still on summer holiday here in NY) so my Skype will be on more often.

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