Do you have ESP?

Do you have ESP?

Well I am on holidays – so it is okay to have some fun… Been playing Scrabble in Facebook with some friends. Shame it is back to work next week so will have less time to play.

Tonight I read Gabriella’s post on ESP (the great thing about Gabriella’s posts is I don’t have to understand Romanian to get the gist of what she is saying)… so decided while I was in the mood for playing (as I am waiting for my friends to play their next turn) that I would check out what ESP is about.

Okay so what is ESP?

Well, it is a game that you play with a random player – you both have to come up with the same word(s) to describe an image, without using any of the taboo words. Basically you just keep entering words, as quickly as possible (press enter after each word). If you have no idea you can press pass. Tip – use the obvious – such as the predominate color, if there is a ball somewhere obvious in the image then type ball. Please note they do cheat – if they have a color as a taboo then most times it will not let you enter a different color.

I obviously have not ability, in terms of ESP, as I never achieved above NOVICE ranking – although I could blame the other player (lets be honest I suck at Quiz nights because I am always looking for the complicated answer).



Please don’t come back and tell me you did better with ESP 🙁

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