The stress of talking about Podcasting

The stress of talking about Podcasting

You would think, as a podcaster, that putting together a presentation on podcasting would be easy? NOPE! Not when the presentation will be online using a Virtual Classroom which adds so many more factors to the equation especially when you want to make it interactive (which is much easier f2f) and you actually want to play some podcasts (a lot more can go wrong playing media in a virtual classroom than f2f)

Thankfully Philip was nice to spend some of his holiday (again) today with me and we road tested the different options for playing podcasts in Elluminate.

We worked out that:

  • Web tour did not work – the podcasts I wanted to play open up in another window
  • Application sharing was not great – the podcasts played poorly (stop, started)
  • Media library – worked really well especially for the video podcast. I could not get the audio podcasts to play on my PC (kept coming up with debugging error – fortunately when I pressed play it did play on Philip’s PC even if it was not playing on mine)

So media library with Elluminate is the way to go but:

  • Means I must log into session early and upload all videos and audios (as they take awhile to upload)
  • Need to ensure participants have Quicktime plugin installed on their PCs before the session

Make sure you check file format if you plan to play video using media library in Elluminate as only some formats are supported.

Still concerned because I need a good Plan B & C in case the podcasts fail to play. Perhaps one option is to have links on standby for them to use directly from the PCs? Perhaps the Classroom Online network facilitators have some suggestions?

Oh well, and just to add to the stress the next online presentation will not be in Elluminate, they will be using a different Virtual Classroom. (

Here is my presentation for the first online session. Any suggestions for changes happily accepted. PS I do know the alphabet – for some reason Slideshare does some weird things when you upload PowerPoints – this time it has changed my letter bullets!

[slideshare id=77284&doc=podcasting-in-vet1469&w=425]

Thanks for your help, yet again, Philip – must mean I owe you really big chocolate frog?

4 thoughts on “The stress of talking about Podcasting

  1. Hi,

    I am from Slideshare and I came to your blog from Technorati. I checked out the problem you have referred to and yes, its very strange. Never seen that before, so we would like to check this out.

    Can I request you to email me the ppt file so that we can try to investigate this problem.


    Amit Ranjan

  2. Hi Sue – just to let you know that I have read your blog, viewed your presentation and am now commenting using application share in Elluminate – I’m currently preparing for the same workshop:-) Sorry to be putting you under so much stress but the results are looking great – look forward to the real thing on Tuesday.

  3. Hi Sue,

    First of all, let me inform you that I work for Elluminate.

    I have read your blog and I’m glad to see that you used Elluminate for your presentation but I can see you had a few hurdles along the way. With all of the multimedia content you are incorporating, you are on the right track with using Web Tour, the multimedia window or application sharing. I would be happy to meet with you to better understand your presentation and share some ideas on how best to include these and minimize your stress!

    Please feel free to contact me using the information below and we can coordinate a time.


    Zemina Hasham
    Senior Director, Client Services
    Elluminate Inc.
    Email: [email protected]

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