Giving it a try!

Giving it a try!

In my post on the Fickleness of Consumers and its implications I talked about the “Word of Mouth” by one of the most powerful reasons why I will give a Web 2.0 application a try. If I hear enough noise (e.g. people talking about them on blogs) I will give it a go – even if I can not immediately perceive a benefit.

There are lots of Web 2.0 applications that I just “didn’t get” when I first started using them (e.g. flickr,, blogging, wikis) – many of these it has taken me a year “to get them.” However it was worth persisting because once I understood how to use them effectively – WOW they are great!!!

If enough people, who I follow, are using an application they must “get” what I still need “to get”. So currently the two Web 2.0 applications that I am going to persist with are:

1. Twitter

If you want to read a post that has great information on Twitter read This Twittering Life by ELT Notes. If you want to try out Twitter you can follow me at Although I don’t “get” twitter yet I must admit it is pretty cool how twitters from my friends can be set to forward to my GoogleTalk account.

2. Facebook

If you want to learn more about why Facebook may end up being more important to us than we realise check out Facebook’s new face by David Kirkpatrick. If you want to join me in Facebook you will find me as Sue Waters.

Thankfully a couple of my students that are into Facebook are trying to educate me. Sorry to all my friends in Facebook who are receiving invites but my students keep sharing Facebook applications – if they find them cool they must be?

Final thought

Lets hope the people who I follow (Sean, Darren, Kathryn, Vicki, Kate, Jacinta, Stephen) that are using these applications are actually getting them …. because I am hoping that the Wisdom of Crowds is going to help me here.

Maybe I just Got TWITTER hehehe

Just wrote a message in Twitter about “Writing a blog post about trying to get Twitter and Facebook”. Kate instantly sent the following message back to Twitter which was delivered to my GoogleTalk before I have even finished the post. Her was her twitter back.


My answer is I have no idea. I could not get it working initially either. I know I installed two versions of Twitter application into Facebook by accident. One works and one doesn’t. It was also annoying me that Sean could easily post from Facebook into Twitter and I couldn’t.

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