Addictions and which ones can you really give up?

Addictions and which ones can you really give up?

I don’t smoke, don’t drink (at least there is some one that can drive) but I do have some serious addictions. To list a few of my addictions, I am a:

  1. Googleholic – based on responses this week to my Can you go a day without Google this may be actually a normal phenomenon and not an issue?
  2. Cocaholic – I am serious addicted the soft drink Coca-Cola
  3. Chocaholic – although I now believe research has shown that eating chocolates is good for one’s health. They say eating in moderation is the key – is that one 250 gram block or two?
  4. Online-aholic – There is a strong belief by my friends and family that I spend too much time online. You know you must be an online-aholic when it is your online friends that are telling you this.
  5. Workaholic – There is no denying this addiction – and this is a bad addiction! Unfortunately I have an obsessive personality (as you can see from above) but from my point of view I am not too bad; you should meet my sister.


Curing an Addiction

This week I have decided to cure (yet again for the hundredth time) my addiction to Coca-cola. So far so good – no headaches yet. BTW you may be wondering how bad an addiction to coke can be – lets see – when you wake up in the morning, every drink during the day and when you go to sleep.

Some however may not be so happy with me giving up coke – because as a result of my rant the other week – not only did they change the Pepsi-Max bottles in the vending machine back to coke but they have now installed a coke fridge in that canteen so that I can buy a coke if the machine breakdown. Now you may be wondering whether this all came about as a result of my ranting – yes it did. Our canteen is run by our Hospitality training section, I know the manager of this Department well, so I sent him an email saying I was a bit upset (he is based on another site). I hope he sees the funny side of this?

What are your addictions and are you as brave as me to face giving one up?

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