Can you go without Google for a day?

Can you go without Google for a day?

This morning I read Richard MacManus (from Read/Write/Web) post on This Tuesay: A Day without Google. The idea of going without Google this Tuedsay was originally purposed by AltSearchEngines who asks “everyone to go one day (6 am – midnight), this Tuesday (June 12th), without using one of the major search engines; Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, or Ask.”

Here are my thoughts on me going without Google for a day:

Logical side – Foragar.jpg

Definitely an interesting concept and worth giving a go – the scientific part of me says testing out a range of search engines for the day instead of using Google sounds like a good idea. Especially when AltSearchEngines points out there are lots of alternative search engines that may give better search results. Photo by Daby.

Then if you take into account the concept originally came from Larry Dignan post I’m getting separated from Google partly because “Google is just creeping me out lately with all this Big Brotherish stuff like StreetView. Now Google isn’t evil, but I’m still wary”. I have had friends make similar comments about their concerns relating to Google Street View.

Emotional side – Against

Google is an important part of my day. I use on a daily basis my personalised Google Homepage, Google Talk (to communicate with friends), Google Reader (for subscribing to blogs) and Gmail. The search function of Google is only a minor part of how I use Google. Photo by Photonut (Mr Dave’s).


Normally the logical scientific part of me would win and I would give it a try. This is not the case here – the emotional side has won. Companies like Google have worked very hard on the personalised aspect of their applications that it does make Google hard to give up. I obviously should have added the emotional nature of the consumer to my post on the Fickleness of Consumers and its implications.

How about my friends try going without Google for a Day and let me know which search engines you liked? Can you go without Google for a Day?

10 thoughts on “Can you go without Google for a day?

  1. Going without Google for a day is, for me, like going without a net connection. I need my news, I need my email, I need search query results at my fingertips – Google’s personalised services have everything there for me. I have even started using Gmail on my Blackberry over the vodafone-pushed email as it has a more personalised, shorter email address. I only use one other search engine, Alta Vista, and even there I only use the Babelfish tool.

    My preference for Google as primary search engine is due to the fact no other search gets the results I want, there’s just too much kruft to sort through.

  2. Hi Sue!

    here in Romania the students find so difficult not use Google for a single day, mainly because they like it and they don’t care about his negative aspects or to try alternatives. Everybody loves Google!
    I break the rule just to post but I really hate the idea not to check my Gmail account.

  3. Salut Steeve 28 ans. J’ai une question qui est tout autre. Devant le peu de forums existant sur les assurances, je voudrais savoir si un internaute pourrait me donner une adresse de site web pour souscrire une mutuelle pas chere (J’ai un budget no limit).

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