My Goals – Gotta Get Goals Meme

My Goals – Gotta Get Goals Meme

As I have said before social networking online is truly amazing. For example take Gabriela and myself – a small matter of time zones plus a language barrier (on my part as I don’t speak Romanian and she blogs in Romanian) and yet we are able to network and gain from one another. By the way Gabriela thanks for suggesting I use your information on widgets from your wiki site. I definitely will do this – Carmen has gone on holidays (for 2 months) to Romania and I have lost my translator.

So today Gabriela has invited me to join her in the Alex Shalman Gotta Get Goals post. Knowing that I would not be able to read her post she sent me the link to the person that tagged her (Eduardo Peirano at Onlinesapiens blog ) so I could read about the task. Basically Alex wants us to “list and write about the top 5 to 10 goals that you gotta’ get so that you can truly say you have achieved your wildest dreams in life. These have to be your best, most exclusive, and over-the-top goals that you can pick off your goals list. Then he wants us to tag others to do the same.”

If you read my last post, you are probably aware that setting long term goals is one of my weak points (however my journey and adventure has been incredibily enjoyable). I am really good at setting short term goals, and am very impressed at my school friends that set goals at a young age and achieved their goals. I am glad to see I am not the only person that does not set goals, Jennifer Macaulay at Life as I know it put into words exactly the way I live my life.

Okay so here are my goals:

  1. Achieve a better work/personal life balance
  2. Spend more meaningful stress-free times with my kids
  3. Sit still somewhere quiet, for hours, in the sun, doing absolutely nothing and just watch the view and take in the sounds
  4. Give up cocoa-cola (again!!!!!)
  5. Get more sleep (own fault – trying to fit too many things into my day) – however would be nice if husband accepted that being in bed after 7 am on a weekend is not being lazy (would have been nice on one’s birthday to be allowed to sleep in???? I am sure that he did not need to wake me to tell me that he was cooking pancakes for me for breakfast. Or 20 minutes later to tell me that he could not cook pancakes because there were no eggs – sleep would have been nicer).
  6. Spend the weekend on the couch watching great movies doing absolutely nothing
  7. Get someone to do all the jobs around the house (housework sucks totally)

I like how Don Taylor approached who to tag to join this goal setting task. Don said “I am going to tag people I have never met, but whose blogging I have enjoyed. The advantage of choosing people I don’t really know is that I hope they will feel happy not to respond if they would rather not”.

Working out who to tag or not tag is hard. Could be a lose-lose situation; people offended because they were tagged and people offended because they were not tagged (let me just apologise in advance). So I have decided to select a mixture of people (friends and people whose blogs I enjoy reading) to tag, and chosen people who I thought would be interested, however if you read my posts and I have not tagged you but you wished I did please join us and those I tagged remember that I do feel exactly the same as Don – I will not be offended if you choose not to respond.

My tag list is:

6 thoughts on “My Goals – Gotta Get Goals Meme

  1. Hey, thanks for tagging me. I’m at graduation practice right now and it is the last day of school (OK, so I’m not listening to the valedictory address for the 10th time!) I look forward to thinking and responding.

    Actually, I have my long term goals and have had them set for a while, but I sit down and plan my summer goals too which are boring to some… clean the dining room, get caught up on the May Mounds of Laundry… you’ve given me a framework for blogging ! I’ve got about 5 memes in my delicious to catch up on.

    Thank you for including me and for your kudos! Keep on blogging!

  2. Hello!

    I’ve got a few goals myself. Thanks for the tag, here goes:

    1. Spend more analog time with my family.
    2. Straight A’s this summer (in my doctoral program).
    3. Read at least one book this summer that doesn’t have to do with technology.
    4. Get to at least 2 different MLB ballparks this season.

    Peace out and see you around the blogosphere!

  3. Thanks Vicki and Darren for sharing some of your goals – keep up the excellent work. LOL being an Aussie I had to google MLB. Totally relate to the books not on technology; my reading on books on technology before I go to sleep does not equate to a good nights sleep.

  4. Hi Sue, Look how far behind I am in all my blogging commitments!! Thanks so much for listing me on your blog – and for believing that I might have some goals instead of a brain full of ideas that keep jostling for space! Really I could do with getting some clear goals beyond “I want to be able to learn to do it all!!”. One personal goal I have set myself though is to tear myself away from the computer, and just sit by the fire with my latest ‘good read’. Problem is, that I have a habit of grabbing my tablet PC and cuddling up with that instead of a good book! Woe!

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