Embed Google Photos Album into a website

Embed Google Photos Album into a website

Google Photos is my favorite photo and video sharing and storage service.

My phone is set to automatically uploaded photos to Google photos in high resolution when I’m connected to WiFi.

With Google photos I can access my photos across all my devices and it’s packed with numerous features that help me organize, use and manage my photos.

Embed Google photos albums

I really love organizing my photos into Albums BUT Google Photos frustrates me as they don’t provide an option for embed my Google photo albums into my website.  Before Google Photos we had Picasa Web Albums which made it easy to embed an album as a slideshow.

It’s great that I can embed a single photo or video from Google photos into a post but I still want the ability to embed an album as a slideshow.

I’ve been searching for the solution for the past year and tried numerous solutions including some WordPress plugins.  None suited what I was looking for until now!

Here’s how to embed Google Photos Album:

1.  Log into Google Photos on your computer.

2.  Click on the Album you want to embed.

Google Photo album

3. Click on Share icon.

Click on Share

4.  Click on Get Link.

Get link

5.  Copy Link.

Copy Link

6.  Go to Publicalbum.org

7.  Paste your Google Albums link into 1) Create gallery from link and click 2) Create Gallery Code.

Paste Google Album link

8. Click on Copy code into clipboard to copy the embed code.

Copy embed code

9.  Paste the embed code into your post using Insert Embed in the Add Media Window and then click Insert into Post.

The method you use will depend on the website or blog platform you use.  This is how you do it on Edublogs and CampusPress networks.

Paste embed code

10.  Once the post is published you will see the album embedded as a slideshow.

Google Photos Album Embed Examples

Below are two different examples of embedded Google photos albums so you can see what the embed looks like.

My photo album from Sculptures by the Sea.

My photo album of the Western Mail Centenary Number (1828 to 1929)

Viewing this slideshow on a mobile device allows you to zoom in to read the

“The Western Mail” Centenary Number publication which was published in July, 1929 to commemorate the 100 years of the founding of Perth and the establishment of the Swan River Colony, the first permanent European settlement in Western Australia.

The 80 page publication highlights development and history of Western Australia from 1828 to 1929 in Perth and country towns. It includes photos from 1800’s to 1929 comparing changes in the city, towns, Parliament, transport, sport, fashions, primary production. The publication was sold for 1/6 in July, 1929.

It’s packed full of content that could be used with students and will be helpful for those interested in history.

Other Google Photo tips

You’ll find more tips for using Google Photos here!


4 thoughts on “Embed Google Photos Album into a website

  1. Hi,
    I am very pleased that you are using my tool.
    I would add that I have redesigned the Google Photos Album embedding tool. The result code has changed. Please correct this information in the article or write to me for more information. Now I can use the wordpress plug-in and I’m going to make some more modifications.
    Many thanks

  2. Thank you. for making it. and thank you for keeping an update of it.
    showing like a gallery also cool, an additional option that dont just show single photo.

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