252445473_d421c47de2_mDarren’s task for Day 5 is to Conduct an About Page Audit. His rationale is new readers use your about page to find out more about you and your blog. They will often use the information on this page to decide if it is worth subscribing to your blog.

This is a key conversion page of your blog!

There is definitely an art in writing well – which is probably why I originally started out as a podcaster. Just looking at my about page compared to Darren’s showed how much work I needed to do.

What’s required for those new to Blogging

So tonight I have worked hard on re-wording it. It is definitely better, but still needs more work. I have been avoiding putting together information on tags, RSS and commenting – but Darren’s post on the about page has really highlighted how important this information is for newbies so I have added it to my to-do-list – I want to get it right rather than rush it.

Where is your RSS feed?

One very important issue that I realized while fixing it up was that I did not have a RSS feed clearly displayed on my site. What about your site – have you made sure the RSS feed is obvious?

With everything that I know I am amazed that I did not pick up that it was missing. Part of the problem is I use Google Reader for subscribing to blogs (this is why I use Google Reader). When I add a blog subscription I just use the blog address and Google Reader automatically finds the feed. I believe this is not the case for other Feed Aggregators.

Please Help!

Have looked at my widget options – and I do not see a obvious solution that give a nice RSS button – also checked out the forum – does not really help.

I have checked other people’s blogs. There are a range of options. Please give me advice on which option would be the best – maybe James might have a suggestion?