Trigg To Hillarys

Trigg To Hillarys

Trigg Beach to Hillarys Boat Harbour is part of the Sunset Coast Tourist Drive.  The Sunset Coast Tourist Drive extends from Cottesloe to Two Rocks.

This section provides some of the best views because you can see the coastline along the entire walk.

I normally start the walk from Trigg Beach Car park.  You can increase the distance by starting from Scarborough (16 km) or decrease it (start at a car park further along West Coast Drive or don’t walk the entire way to Hillarys Boat Harbour).

Distance:  12 km (return)
Difficulty: Moderate
Path:  Dual-Use Pathway
Start/End Point: Trigg Beach Car park, 364 West Coast Drive, Trigg
Faculties:  Numerous cafes, shops, toilets along entire walk.
Time: ~ 2 hr 30 min


About the Walk

Attractions include Trigg Beach, Marmion Marine Park and Hillarys Boat Harbour along with spectacular views of the ocean (especially at sunset). The walk can be joined at number access points along its length.

Its popular with walkers, joggers and bike riders.  The shared pathway can be very congested in summer months.

Shared pathway
Shared pathway

Trigg Beach

Trigg Beach is Perth’s most popular suburban surfing beach.

Mettam’s pool

Mettam’s pool is north of the main surf/swim area of Trigg Beach.  It is a natural pool situation inside a protected reef and is a popular swimming beach due to the calm waters within the pool.

Mettam's pool
Mettam’s pool

North Beach

The balcony on the Soda Sunlounge in the North Beach Shopping Centre provides a stunning view of the Sunset Coast Drive.

View from Soda Sunlounge
Sunset Coast

It is also a great spot to take a photo of the Sunset Coast Tourist Coastal Drive sign.

Sunset Coast Tourist Drive
Sunset Coast Tourist Drive

Sorrento Beach

Sorrento beach is just before Hillarys Boat Harbour.  It is a popular swimming beach and a good location to watch the surf life savers.

Sorrento beach
Sorrento beach

It is also a popular location for watching the sunset in summer.

Sunset, Sorrento Beach
Sunset, Sorrento Beach

Hillarys Boat Harbour

Hillarys Boat Harbour was opened in 1988 and is a popular recreational destinations for residents and overseas visitors.  It includes a bustling retail shopping precinct,  wide variety of cafes, bars and restaurants. a swimmers cove and a water park.

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