Hurst Photo’s Before 1905 Family

Hurst Photo’s Before 1905 Family

The following photos are from my Grandfather Charles Hurst’s collection from before 1930, photos from Thomas Ockerby Hurst’s photo albums dated Dewsbury 1902 and Sept 1901 (includes photos taken from around UK between 1894 to 1905) and family photos that my cousin Mary was nice enough to allow me to digitize.

These are the family photo collection.

Check out Thomas Ockerby Hurst’s photos of abbey’s, churches and castles here and photos of people and places here.

The photo below was taken around 1896.

Charlotte Hurst with her mother Ann Ockerby, Ann’s brother John Featherstone and his wife Mary Anne at High Close, circa 1896.

Charlotte is my great-great-Grandmother.

From Left: Charlotte Hurst (widow of Charles Hurst), Anne Ockerby (Charlotte’s mother), Thomas Ockerby (Charlotte’s father), Anne Ockerby (Charlotte’s Aunt and widow of Charles Ockerby)

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