Hurst Photos 1930 – 1947

Hurst Photos 1930 – 1947

Most of the photos were taken at Sunnyhurst in Bridgetown or around Bridgetown, Western Australia between 1930 and 1947.

Click on a photo to view the larger size image as a pop up.

The following photos are of my mother Janne (nee Millicent Hurst) taken when she lived at Sunnyhurst from 1938 to mid-1947.

The following photos are of Hill relatives and others taken at Sunnyhurst.

One thought on “Hurst Photos 1930 – 1947

  1. Hi Susie,
    Brilliant don’t know where all these pics were hiding plus I have some more plus a few minor corrections. Keep it up.
    Uncle Ric

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