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A Year Later And Are We Using Different Tools To Connect To Our PLNs?

One year ago I asked my network to complete a survey on Personal Learning Network. The survey was used in a series of presentations and to build my PLN Yourself website. Being a year later I’m wondering how much has changes?  Are we using different tools to connect?  Are the tools we would recommend to new people different? Can you help in the following ways: Can you please complete my new Personal Learning Networks Survey? There are only 2 questions……

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Here Are The Results From My PLN Survey!

So far there has been 196 responses in my Personal Learning Network (PLN) Survey since it was created in October.  And I know a lot of people are interested in what it all means and how I am using this information so let me explain. About the PLN Survey I’ve been doing a few presentations on building your own personal learning network (PLN) and wanted to demonstrated the power of a PLN in action. My focus on PLNs was for……

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Free Courses

Part of my role as Support Manager for Edublogs and CampusPress involves developing courses for educators. Our course are free, online and open to any educator who wants to increase their skills.  The series are made up of free professional learning challenges where educators are stepped through weekly tasks that increase their skills while being supported by mentors. Series 1:  Blogging with Student series This series is designed for educators who want to use blogs with their students.  It guides you step by step through the……

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Digital Curation: Putting the Pieces Together

Through digital curation we collect, manage and collate the best, most relevant content, on a specific topic or theme, for ourselves and share with others. Using tools like, Pinterest, Diigo and Livebinders educators collect the best resources to put them into context with organisation, annotation and presentation.

This post is a summary of the ideas. tips and resources shared during my presentation for the 2013 Reform Symposium e-Conference on digital curation.

Edublog Awards – Thanks For Nominating My Sites

This is a tough one, which Larry hinted at here… But I think it is important to take the time to thank those who nominated me and my different websites (Sue Waters Blog, The Edublogger and PLN Yourself) in several categories of the 2009 Edublogs Awards. Thanks Sue Wyatt, Jan Smith, Lesley Edwards, Burcu Akyol, Mike Sansone, David Truss, Gail Desler, Rliberni, Darcy Moore, and Shelly Terrell. I’m honored to have been nominated by you all (and apologies if I’ve missed anyone……

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Twitter (and Humans) Don’t Always Get It Correct!

Credit where credit is due is important. Yes the “Twitter Handbook for Teachers” is an excellent resource. While it is lovely for people on twitter to regularly thank me for the resources I create (and to get all the retweets of thanks) — I DID NOT write Twitter Handbook for Teachers.  But I can understand why people think I did. It was written by Tomaz Lasic (@lasic) who used the quote from my PLN Yourself wiki on the front page……

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Baiting the Digital Hook to Build A Professional Learning Community!

Last week I was invited to present on PLNs (personal learning networks) as part of Getting Connected 09 for The Australian Flexible Learning Frameworks. As the conference targeted the VET sector I decided to take a different PLN approach and share how social networking tools can create communities of professionals, and students, that help each other. Skills level of participants Participants were surveyed near the start of the session to help guide how little/much information on each aspect need to……

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What Are Your 5 Top Web tools For Managing Your Workload?

As part of my presentations on Personal Learning Networks (PLN) I created a PLN Yourself site to help new people work through setting up their own Personal Learning network. The site focuses on the top 5 tools for building your own PLN based on 196 responses in my Personal Learning Network (PLN) Survey. This site has been popular but is it catering adequately for people new to using web technologies?  For those already engage in social networking we appreciate the……

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Life is One Big Top Ten (2008)

As a blogger does it really make any sense to write a post a few days before Christmas? Probably not! But just want to blog and besides I owed Paul C a post for Life is One Big Top Ten (2008). He deserves it after dealing with extreme sibling rivalry between my two blogs 🙂 Life is One Big Top Ten (2008) rule is you get to choose their own topic. Top Posts End of the year means it’s a……

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Insomnia, Twitter and Personal Learning Networks!

Been suffering from insomnia for the past few weeks so imagine my surprise when I started up my computer at 3.00 AM to suddenly see the following tweet on my desktop: mmmm who is Amber and why is she talking about me? Going back through Rob’s tweets I discover that Amber Macarthur is doing her keynote presentation at #wrcac08. So now I’m definitely pondering what’s happening. From Google I discovered that #wrcac08 is The Western Regional Computer Advisory Committee Symposium……

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