Edublog Awards – Thanks For Nominating My Sites

Edublog Awards – Thanks For Nominating My Sites

This is a tough one, which Larry hinted at here

But I think it is important to take the time to thank those who nominated me and my different websites (Sue Waters Blog, The Edublogger and PLN Yourself) in several categories of the 2009 Edublogs Awards.

Thanks Sue Wyatt, Jan Smith, Lesley Edwards, Burcu Akyol, Mike Sansone, David Truss, Gail Desler, RliberniDarcy Moore, and Shelly Terrell.

I’m honored to have been nominated by you all (and apologies if I’ve missed anyone from the list — please let me know if I did as it defnitely isn’t deliberate!)

As Larry Ferlazzo says:

‘the really important thing about these awards is that they provide an opportunity for everybody to learn about great blogs and other resources out there that can be helpful to our teaching’.

So take the time to check out the 2009 Edublogs Awards — because it’s a great way to discover cool ways of using social media in an educational context!

PS Please tell me about some of the cool ideas (and/or sites) you find when checking through the Edublogs Awards nominations!

14 thoughts on “Edublog Awards – Thanks For Nominating My Sites

  1. Sue,

    Your blogs and wikis have helped me become a better blogger, educator, and resource sharer! Of course, I’d vote for you and am happy that this was acceptable. One day, I plan on meeting you in person at a conference and give you some real chocolates for all your hard work and commitment to building a better educator community!

    1. Thanks Shelly as always I really appreciate your support and I’m really happy that my work helps other achieve their goals.

      In terms of whether it “this was acceptable” — I definitely have conflicted emotions which are hard to discuss.

      Last year I deliberately didn’t mention being nominated due to feeling uncomfortable (and most weren’t aware of my work with the Edublog Awards).

      This year, while I still feel the same, with more people nominating my sites I should be thanking them because showing appreciation for all your support is what’s important.

  2. Like Shelly,
    I hope to meet you face-to-face one day as well, and like her I appreciate all the support you have offered. If you only helped Edublog users then I could see there being a conflict, but the fact is that you are a key resource to thousands of people and I’ve always seen you extend above and beyond what is needed or expected.
    Quite simply, you deserve the accolades! Thanks for all that you do Sue!

  3. You have and continue to blaze a trail ahead so that we can follow a less-bumpy road. Your reach and influence extend beyond the edublogosphere.

    I would and do nominate your work throughout alll of the conversphere.


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