Google’s PhotoScan App: An Easy Way To Digitize Glossy Photos

Google’s PhotoScan App: An Easy Way To Digitize Glossy Photos

I’ve been busy digitizing family photos.  It’s been a quick process with the older photos.  Place the photos on a table outside where there is good light with minimal glare and take pictures of the photos using my digital camera.

But this technique won’t work for the newer glossy photos due to glare issues.

Here’s what happens:

Digital camera
Taken with digital camera

The solution is to use the new PhotoScan app by Google.

The PhotoScan app works the same as an image scanner but is easier and means you can do it using your smartphone.

Here’s the same photo taken with the PhotoScan app:

Taken using PhotoScan

After launching the app, position the photo within the frame then tap the shutter button.  Four dots will appear and you hover your phone over each dot and hold in position until the dot is filled.

Once completed the PhotoScan stitches together a single image from several overlapped photos eliminating any glare and evening out exposure.

Here’s a video to show how easy PhotoScan is to use.

You can check out my progress digitizing my family history here!

Some more comparisons using glossy black and white photos.

This post was written in response to Challenging Situations:  #EdublogsClub prompt 6.

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