Join Me for Fitbit Goal Day 2016

Join Me for Fitbit Goal Day 2016

May 21 is Fitbit’s #GoalDay2016 which encourages Fitbit community members to reach their personal step goal tomorrow.

Every day is a goal day for me while #GoalDay2016 as a great way to encourage us all to focus about our need to move more.

My Step Goal

Last year I decided I had to work harder on living a healthier life. Over the years my work changed from being very physically demanding to sedentary. Which hasn’t been good for my health. Besides eating a healthier diet, I set a goal of walking 10,000 steps every day. I’ve tried other forms of exercise and found unless it is an activity I do every day I eventually stop.

10,000 steps per day works for me. It’s been part of my life since August 31. During this time there has only be a few days where I haven’t reached my goal. It ensures I move more than I did and I’m healthier than I was. It also models to my children the importance of setting goals and focusing on living a healthier life style.

My routine varies slightly with the season and day of the week.  But most days I achieve my steps by doing a 6 KM (3.73 M) morning walk and a 4 KM (2.5 M) afternoon/evening walk.  My weekend walks are longer as I use them to catch up and socialize with friends on longer walks.

I use a Fitbit, even though I hate wearing anything on my wrist, because having the stats easily accessible on my wrist pushes me each day.  I’ve used a Fitbit Flex, Charge and now have a Fitbit Surge.  I like the Surge because it has built in GPS (which I like for mapping my longer walks) and it automatically detects/tracks any exercise.

You can also use Health apps on phones.  I avoided this option because I try not to take my phone when walking — it is my Internet free time.

Join me?

Any one want to join me for #GoalDay2016?  You can connect with me on Fitbit or leave a comment if you don’t use a Fitbit and are using a different device to track your steps.

Achieving my personal goal on May 21 will be challenging — you might beat me!  We’re expecting 10 to 20 mm of rain with possible thunderstorms.  But that mightn’t deter me.  One of my favorite walks (on my own) was 11 KM where I completed the second half the walk in the rain.

Enjoy walk along ocean in rain
Enjoying walk along ocean in rain

PS This weekend I’m participating in my first event with my husband.  A 12 KM (7.45 M) walk in the HBF Run for a Reason.  We’re both looking forward to it.



One thought on “Join Me for Fitbit Goal Day 2016

  1. Hi Sue, I found you by trying to learn about the challenge. I don’t have a phone to use with the challenge so I can’t really compete completely. Additionally I have arthritis and so cannot do miles and miles. I shy away from FitBit friends because I get so discouraged. I average 2.5 miles in a day. My goal is to try and get to 10k steps which is always my goal but I am happy to get 6k steps or 3 miles. We will see. Good luck with it!

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