Can Addictions Scare Readers?

Can Addictions Scare Readers?

Can be only one response to this tweet! Readers should answer it 😎

Image of chocolate addict

Personally I find it hard to believe for two main reasons:

a) I’m a chocolate addict – I think we need a clarification of addiction!

b) That it could be very scary!

Your thoughts:

  1. Is Ashley Proud right?
  2. Does it make me scary? And can an addition scare readers?
  3. Perhaps truth – he’s a chocolate hater?

Disclaimer: Sue Waters is a serious blogger

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27 thoughts on “Can Addictions Scare Readers?

  1. My addiction is scrolling through Twitter trying to find new things to add to my kids educational experience. So I guess that we are not all that different.

  2. In the cyberworld, addiction can be fun, intriguing, educational and bonding. The quirkiness of sharing that addiction online is one of the things that can make us interesting and help strangers relate to us.

    Addictions in real life however…

  3. Last night I finished The Emperors of Chocolate:Inside the secret world of Hersey and Mars. I am now very proud to be a chocoholic after knowing how much effort it took/takes to get it from a tree in Africa to my mouth.

  4. Since Ashley spelled ‘scary’ with an ‘e’ maybe she means something different? πŸ™‚

    I think there’s a fine line between a hobby, an obsession and addiction. A little bit of crazy never hurt anyone–we have more fun!


  5. @Ashley

    I’m sorry I didn’t look closely at your pic–Sue called me out on my mistake–been getting a PhD in troublemaking today. Thanks for starting such a fun conversation, even if I’m in deep now!

    Mary Beth

  6. In Sue’s defense, I can attest to the fact that I have ONLY ever seen/heard tell of VIRTUAL chocolate from Sue in numerous Elluminate sessions. Never have I seen or heard Sue actually consume actual chocolate, either in video or in person. Yes, I can admit to having potentially supported an alleged/purported interest in chocopate with a single Google chocolate bar. But as to whether it was consumed, I can only speculate. Beyond that, I must defer to Sue’s own attestations.

    1. @Andrew Forgrave, thanks Andrew – you are a Saint. That Google Chocolate is sacred. I have it sitting here – unopened on my desk! See if I was an addict it would be gone!

      But it is Google Chocolate. Hence to be cherished and worshiped. I have had to protect that chocolate from two kids and a starving husband who can’t understand that you just don’t touch Google Chocolate!

    1. @Paige Lahaise, Hey Paige, I don’t know that I’m afraid of chocolate, but I do feel the only reason for it’s creation was so there would be a good covering for nuts. Now vanilla! I drink vanilla milk (as opposed to chocolate) and vanilla milk shakes.

      To make vanilla milk, simply use the best available grade of vanilla extract (certainly NOT artificial), some sugar which has been stored with a couple of vanilla beans, and add milk. If you think chocolate milk is good, this stuff is incredible!

  7. We all have our vices…mine are Diet Coke, chocolate, spending hours learning technology…

    Don’t such addictions, though, help us have empathy for those with “serious” addictions…or am I just kidding myself!?

    Thanks for the post…added some humor to my afternoon!

    1. @Tammy Gillmore, I still vote that we aren’t addicts — but is that a sign of a true addict one that says they aren’t an addict?

      No problem re-humor the World is full of serious blog posts some times we need the opportunity to just have a chuckle.

  8. Addictions, like almost everything else in life, are what we make of them. They can be positive, e.g. keeping a neat and clean house, spending time improving our wellness, blogging, etc. Or they can be negative, e.g. drugs, poor and unhealthy habits, dangerous lifestyles, ad infinitum. Balance is always key. I know that for myself, it is easy for me to get lost in whatever activity I’m involved in at the moment. Sometimes that’s school work, or exercise, or cooking, or practicing my comedy magic routines. What is important is that I work hard, and then take a break and play hard. And I must continuously remember that others share in the world that I live, and so must respect them as well as myself. So, enjoy some chocolate, and maybe a little stroll afterwards!

      1. @Sue Waters, LOL Sue!

        To be honest, I couldn’t live without Outlook. I’m an online student, and so in order to make sure I get my studies done in a timely manner, I make “appointments” wherein I set aside time for each subject, and thus “attend class” just as I would were I a traditional student. The same goes for exercise (I’ve launched upon a wellness program with the assistance of, setting aside “appointments” for time to get it done each day. Plus, I get reminders automatically warning me that the time to do these activities is approaching.

        If you’re a real chocoholic, stop by a tienda de abarrotes (Mexican grocery store) and try to find some Mexican style chocolate; usually a mixture of chocolate, nuts, cinnamon, etc. To die for!

        Speaking of dying, ever tried Death by Chocolate?

        1. @Gregory Stringer, we don’t have Mexican stores in Australia (or perhaps where I live in Australia).

          We don’t even have Krispy Kremes here which is like criminal. You can always spot the West Australian returning from the East Coast of Australia by all the crates full of Krispy Kremes — what a site to see at the airport 😎

          Yes exercise — on my to-do list πŸ™

          1. @Sue Waters, Ooops, didn’t realize you come from a land down under. Do you really eat vegemite? I couldn’t get it down.

            Give me a few days to check around on the’Net for the chocolate (BTW, it’s kinda gritty, but if you grate some, it’s makes the most wonderful hot cocoa), and I’ll see what I can find.

            And once I graduate and land that high paying position, I’ll air drop you a couple of pallets of Krispy Kremes. Don’t tell me, let me guess; you like the chocolate iced ones, right?


          2. @Gregory Stringer, Yes I’m a tru-blu fairdim Aussie Sheila.

            Every Aussie will tell you the trick with vegemite — you others spread it on too think. The key is toast and just a light spread sort of like it is hardily there.

            Unfortunately they won’t allow them to be imported into Australia πŸ™

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