Need WordPress MU Support? Here’s Where You’ll Find it!

Need WordPress MU Support? Here’s Where You’ll Find it!

In case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to for the past few months, and why I’ve had less time than usual, I can now explain.

Although maybe not everyone has noticed this less time?

Working with WordPress MU

Besides all my usual Edublogs responsibilities I’ve also been working for Incsub developing WordPress MU (WordPress Multiuser and also known as WPMU) support material (some is still a work in progress).

While installing and managing your own single install WordPress blog is relatively easy, but can cause problems, WordPress MU is considerably more specialized and requires a certain level of expertise.

The reason why people use WordPress MU is once you want to hosts lots of blogs on the same domain then you need to use it. Edublogs is a customized version of WordPress MU designed to include features that specifically assist educators with using blogs with students.

Most themes and plugins used on WordPress can’t be used on WordPress MU, and you also use mu-plugins on WordPress MU (some of these can be challenging to install). The idea of these support material is to help make the process of installing and using WordPress MU easier.

WordPress MU Support Material Locations

For a ‘one-stop shop’ for those that use WordPress MU here is where you will find these support materials:

  1. Site Admin user manuals
  2. WordPress MU manual – for installing WPMU 2.7.1
  3. – where The WPMU Manual is being serialized (here is the RSS feed if you want to subscribe).  Below are the first two posts!

Next step is adding more detailed instructions to the Premium plugins, where required. For example. this is the new instructions for installing the avatars plugin.


And yes, if you were wondering, it does mean I’ve had to install WordPress MU, bbPress, plugins, themes, languages, mu-plugins, use FTP and Text Editors.

I’ve also felt like I’m going crazy (occasionally) remembering the Site admin differences between Edublogs (WPMU 2.6.3/2.6.5 hybrid), Edublogs Campus (WPMU 2.6.5) sites, newer versions of WordPress MU (2.7 & 2.7.1) and site admin (and system admin) in

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8 thoughts on “Need WordPress MU Support? Here’s Where You’ll Find it!

  1. hi, how are you please let me congratulate you beacause your excellent blogs, I’d love to have it on my education relative blog and my education site, I’m sure it would be of great interest to my visitors!. If you can, please contact me to [email protected]


  2. Hey Sue, great work! I’m planning on using WPMU on a site I’m building, and the last time I used it (3+ years ago) the documentation was really unclear. Your work will come in very handy! Thanks so much 🙂

  3. Hi – that’s a great tip – thanks! This is my first WordPress site but I’m a bit overwhelmed – I can’t keep all these options, plugins, and themes straight! But you can totally see the power. I guess it shouldn’t take this long to setup next time either. Anyway… nice site… I’m subscribed to your RSS feed now so I’ll check in more often!

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