Are You Getting The Most Out Of Pages On Your Blog?

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Pages On Your Blog?

Image of What was I thinkingHow you write your posts and its content is really important! But so are the pages on your blog!  Did you realise that visits to your pages can be higher than your posts?

But when was the last time you audited your pages and made improvements?  Especially your ‘About Page’ since this is where new readers find out more about you, your blog and decide whether to subscribe to your blog.

Conducting Page Audits

The key with any page on your blog is to focus on:

  1. Is the page relevant/useful for readers? – if not remove or improve!
  2. Is the page title meaningful to readers?
  3. Is it engaging and provide sufficient information to be of value to your reader?
  4. The best location for the page link – Should it be at the top of the blog or a link in the sidebar?

One option for auditing pages is to use Google Analytics data to help guide improvements.Here is how I’ve done this on my blogs, The Edublogger and this blog.

Below is comparison of the rank of each page in terms of top content viewed on each blog, by pageviews, for the last 6 months:

Image of page rank table

My conclusions are:

  1. Readers priorities are helpful tips and resources on The Edublogger – not surprising
  2. My ‘Blogs I read’ page receives the most pageviews on my personal blog – surprising given the link to the page is in the sidebar only
  3. Checking out my ‘About page’ and ‘Other Sites’ are a high priority for readers of my personal blog
  4. My page ‘Want automatic notification?‘ which explains to readers how to subscribe to my blog has poor pageviews on both blogs

Improvements made are:

  1. Updated both ‘About pages’
  2. Updated ‘My Other Sites
  3. ‘Want automatic notification’ page obviously not working probably because new readers don’t understand its relevance.  This has been renamed ‘Info for First Time Visitors’ and includes more helpful tips
  4. Have added a Contact page to my personal blog

Another option for auditing pages (better option) is to get readers to review your pages and provide feedback.

Image of page audit pleadIf you have time would love feedback on my different pages, especially My Other Sites and Edublogs Help Info!, in terms of is the information relevant, meaningful, engaging – what improvements would you recommend?


Here are resources to help you work with pages and Google Analytics:

  1. Differences Between Blog Pages and Posts
  2. Have You Set Up Your About Page?
  3. Changing Your Display Name and Setting up your Comment Avatar – makes it easier for readers to write more personal comments
  4. Setting Up Google Analytics on Your Blog
  5. The Basics of Using Google Analytics

This was part of the Day 5 Task for Building a Better Blog.  If you would like to join us in Building a Better Blog – there is plenty of time.  Start whenever and do it at your own pace!

Image by Twenty Questions licensed under Creative Commons ShareAlike!

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25 thoughts on “Are You Getting The Most Out Of Pages On Your Blog?

  1. Hi Sue
    You asked for feedback on your blog so I clicked on the Edublogs Help Info! and checked that one out. It is clearly loaded with links and tutorials. I think it would improve things a tad if you were to add more than the 22 words of the first sentence as a way a warming people up to the page and it’s resources. You are targeting people who may be very new to blogging and just the volume of resources can look overwhelming.
    Apart from that, I can’t say as I would change any of the content.

    1. Good point Gail and I have to admit the layout of this page has been hard because there are so many resources with so little room. A new help and support site is coming – so will need to reflect on whether to make changes or link this page directly to that site.

    1. Hi Michael – that was an excellent post and has me think about other aspects.

      For example, now wondering what is slowing the loading of this blog the most? One of the widgets or the images I use in posts? Also what recommendations do you make for adjusting blog design to this era of microblogging?

  2. Hi, Sue,

    I think it all looks good. I would suggest, though, that the Edublogs how-to videos be moved up closer to the top. I personally have found those to be very helpful — especially to beginners.

    I’d also suggest a video on how to upload images and documents be added.


    1. Thanks Larry. Will definitely look at the location of the videos on the page once I’ve pondered how this page will work together with the new Help & Support site.

      Videos on how to upload images and documents – agreed. Trouble is Edublogs is being upgraded to WordPress 2.7 some time in the next couple of months. So we have been holding off for the new version.

    1. Thanks Natasa – I love your posts as they always make me chuckle. Your link was almost perfect. You just forgot the http: it should have looked like this “”

      My trick is to open it up in a tab and copy the entire URL – that way it normally works.

  3. My two associates and I are currently sheparding 77 people through their first blogging experience and find The Edublogger Help Info! to be incredibly useful.

    1. Thanks Susan – glad the information is helping them.

      Please tell them to feel welcome to drop past The Edublogger and leave a comment – would love to know how they are going – it is always helpful for me to know what aspects they need me to cover in more details.

  4. Both sites are extremely informative and packed with great help. One problem I have is finding the right post when I need it. I’ve tried the search option but it seems less effective than looking in the tags to find specific posts.

    1. Know the feeling Marie – I have the same problem. It is more of an issue on The Edublogger because people frequently return for specific posts. Search works well when you know the name of the post.

      Don’t tell Ken Allen but I’m probably going to have to admit defeat and insert a Best of – at least on The Edublogger.

  5. No problem, I am new to edublogger, and not sure where I am suppost to respond when people leave a comment. Also, I like the way you have your blog set up its neat, and you can tell where you are on it.

    1. Good question. For an experience blogger like myself you can write a comment below the comment I left on your blog and I will normally see it because I use comment tracking services that lets me know of new comments.

      However since you will be commenting on other student blogs I would recommend that you pop over to their blog – like you did with me and leave a comment. Perhaps you might say thanks for the comment you left on my blog and these are my thoughts on your questions.

      Thanks for your feedback about my blog. I will let you in on a secret I really want a new theme but not sure which.

  6. oh I have not only lost some pages but a whole blog.. on link says “blog archived or suspended” My mistake was that I had not stored some of the work on independent file… there was lots of useful material & links on breast cancer help and support..

    is it completely lost or hanging in cyberspace somewhere – please in hope is retrievable…


    1. Oops Marjorie, I responded by email to sort out this problem for you but didn’t let other readers know this by leaving a comment. Sorry about that.

  7. My Abut Me page is one of the most visited on my blog.

    I also created these pages:
    – Best Posts
    – Popular Pages
    – Related Posts

    All these pages make it easy for visitors to find my best old and buried posts. One of my bests posts is For Edubloggers: How to Build a Better Blog . It explains the importance to showcase your top posts, interlink your posts and write good descriptive blog post titles

    1. Definitely my About page is visited more on this blog compared to The Edublogger. However I often think that is because people are searching for my contact details when they have problems with their blogs.

      When I did the original 31 Days to Build a Better blog back in 2007 I did create a squeeze page. It was quite time consuming and didn’t necessarily drive people deeper into my blogs.

      I did consider creating a page based on Best posts, popular posts etc for both my blogs when I wrote this post but am still in a few minds about it. I’m not sure if there is an easy answer and am happy for people to discuss whether they think I should or shouldn’t do this.

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