Improving Your Blogging With The 31 Day Project!

Improving Your Blogging With The 31 Day Project!

One of my Top personal blogging I want To-Do’s is to revisit the 31 Day Project by working through Steve Dembo’s 30 Days to Being A Better Blogger!

Participating in The 31 Days to Build a Better Blog project by Darren Rowse (Problogger) in August 2007 was life changing for me. I attribute much of blogging on The Edublogger and working for Edublogs with the blogging, social networking, and project coordination skills to this 31 Day Project.

Now approx. 16 months later, with more experience as a blogger, I’d love to re-do the challenge:

  1. To see how my views of Darren Rowse daily tasks have changed
  2. To reflect on Steve Dembo’s daily tasks for 30 Days to Being A Better Blogger
  3. As part of my personal blogging self improvement

While I’m still not in a position to do this; others have decided to join together to work through Darren Rowse 31 Days Project. Lisa Dick has set up a 31 Days Project Wiki and I’ve been helping the team with suggestions and bringing together information to help them.

If you’re interesting in starting to blog, improving your blogging skills or developing connections with other bloggers I strongly recommend you consider joining them to participate in the 31 Days Project.

If you do join the 31 Day Project please:

  • Contact Lisa Dick to give her your details
  • Link back to this post on my personal blog so that I can add your blog to my Google Reader so I can support you during the project

PS If you’ve already done the 31 Day Project – Can I get you to help add links to your posts here!

Image by Lieven SOETE licensed under Creative Commons ShareAlike 2.0.

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31 thoughts on “Improving Your Blogging With The 31 Day Project!

  1. Hi Sue, What a coincidence! For the past week I’ve had Steve Dembos 30 days page open in one of my browser tabs and have made doing the 31 Day Project one of my aims for 2009 in my most recent blog post:
    I will contact Lisa Dick and ask to join. How do I “link back to your post?” Many thanks for a timely tweet/blog post. Colin

      1. Thanks Sue. Ahh, I do know how to link to a blog, was just unsure what you meant by “link back”. I assume that I make a link on my blog post to your post. I have also contacted Lisa by Twitter. Thanks again, Colin.

  2. Thanks for providing these two blogger challenges. I am aware of the Steve Dembo challenge but am pleased to see the link to Darren Rowse’s challenge in 2007. Just plain experience allows a blogger to gain skills but these two challenges sure sharpen the saw.

    1. Paul –
      We would love to have you join our 31 Day Challenge! If you are interested shoot me an email, and I’ll send you a wiki invite. We have variety of educators from around the globe:) Several are going to skim Steve’s challenge during or at the end to see if their was anything mentioned that we missed:) Most is already included in this challenge and the work flow is excellent (not too many heavy assignments in a row).

      [email protected]

      twitter: tidertechie

    2. Hi Paul C – by my calculations I believe you should be joining us as I’m happy to blame you 🙂 . It is a result of the Top 10 post I wrote in response to you that people have learnt about the 31 Day Project and decided to work through it.

    1. @alijoy I know it seems like I write so many blog but honestly I don’t. This is my personal blog and The Edublogger is the blog that I write for on the behalf of Edublogs.

      So if you could write a post linking to this post that would be great. That was I know you have joined and can add your details.

    1. Did you get the welcome letter? Tweet me (tidertechie) if not, and I’ll send you one.

      You basically just go to the wiki to get the challenge, complete the challenge, and reflect on your own blog OR on your wiki page set up on the challenge site.

      Then the fun part is reading each other’s blogs and commenting. Oh and seeing each other on twitter;)

      We are glad to have you in the challenge. Still lovin’ your poll idea for blog feedback!!!


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