Have Added Your Voice To My Personal Learning Network Survey?

Have Added Your Voice To My Personal Learning Network Survey?

Next week I will be in Melbourne (from 3-7th December) for Converge 08 and will be doing two presentations:

  1. How Tweet IT is! PD in the 21st Century
  2. The Connected Trainer – presenting with Simon Brown

Image of a stickyEmphasis of both will be on different aspects of personal learning networks (PLNs). I will also be sharing the results of my PLN survey (which I created in October) to demonstrate how my PLN extended my ideas beyond what’s achievable by me working individually.

So far there’s been 149 responses and if you haven’t taken the survey here’s your chance to add your voice! Here’s the link to my Personal Learning Networks (PLN) survey – there are 5 questions and it takes a max. of 10 minutes to complete.

Looking forward to catching up f2f with people in my personal learning network:

  1. Please come up and say hi if you see me at the conference.
  2. Sue Tapp’s organizing a blogger’s meet up for lunch on Saturday — if you want to join us please leave a comment on her blog.


Please leave a comment if you would like a copy of the survey responses (in Excel format) and I will send it to you via email.

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4 thoughts on “Have Added Your Voice To My Personal Learning Network Survey?

  1. Hi Sue,

    Just a short note to introduce myself and to say that your blog has been a big help to me this year.

    I’m Bill Oldham – a semi retired TAFE teacher of IT in Victoria.

    I started my M Ed (ICT) at Melbourne Uni this year.

    It is only now that I have the time to dig into the web 2 tools that we were introduced to this year in Flexible Learning Environments and Online education and Training.

    Right now I’m having a play with blogger, wordpress and edublogs to become aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

    One question – is it possible to post to separate pages in edublogs or do you just use categories to group similar posts.

    Bill Oldham (sessional teacher at Chisholm TAFE)

  2. @Bill Edublogs uses WordPress which only allows you to have one post page. So your only option is to use categories. Have you read these two posts of mine – they will help you understand:


    So there is no difference between WordPress and Edublogs except in what version you are using. For example WordPress.com is hosted similar to Edublogs but has more restriction in terms of what you can do. So Edublogs allows you to embed more code.

    Blogger is easiest for new people however doesn’t have the features you can get from using WordPress so doesn’t give you the long life of using a WordPress powered blog,

    Hope that has helped.

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