The Love Twitter Meme

The Love Twitter Meme

Image of Twitter heartTwitter users fall into 3 distinct categories:

  1. Rarely use because it doesn’t suite their style;
  2. Like using it but in moderation;
  3. Really love using it and will twitter almost anything.

Those who follow me on twitter know I fall into third category and frequently share the funny aspects of my life. Probably the only person who has tweeted (with photos), for a week, about living with a household of blocked toilets and plumbing nightmares.

As twitmunky tweeted that truly deserves a meme and since it shows how much I love twitter I’ve decided to call it “The Love Twitter Meme”.

The Love Twitter Meme rules are:

  1. What is the most amazing/usual tweets you have shared on twitter? And why? How did your followers respond?
  2. What is the most amazing/usual tweets you’ve read? Why? And who by?
  3. Title your blog post “The Love Twitter Meme” and link back to this blog entry.
  4. At the end of your post, choose (tag) 5 people and list their names, linking to them
  5. Send them a tweet or leave a comment on their blog, letting them know they’ve been tagged

So to get it started I tag:

My selection is sheerly based on tagging people from a range of locations throughout the World. Consider yourself tagged if you like the idea and want to share stories of your twitter love.


While you are in the mood for twitter love make sure you check out Martin Weller’s A Twitter Love Song. If you haven’t used twitter or new to using it — My Quick Start Tips For New Twitter Users may help!

Would also love to know:

  1. Which twitter category do you fit into?
  2. How much information do you share on twitter? And why?

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22 thoughts on “The Love Twitter Meme

  1. Hey Sue,
    Thanks if there’s ever a time to be creative, I guess it’s now. I try and stand out without trying to; sometimes it comes naturally to me I guess.

    It’s good thing to help others. You’ve surely helped me a lot, thanks! your ideas and comments have inspired me.

  2. well kids with myspaces can prevent this by,
    1. Making thier myspace private so no one can see it unless their in your friends list
    2. you have to add them for them to send you emails and look at your personal information. and you just dont add them if you dont know them.

    you see the kids on the news who got kidnapped or something accepted, talked and agreed to meet the people who had kidnaped them or something.

    my mother is fine with me having a myspace as long as i go by these rules.

  3. Oh thats too bad. We tried to make my cat an inside cat, but they just love the outdoors to much, and its easy to accidentally let them slip out. My cats good with roads. We live on a busy street too. She stays in our yard.

  4. Greetings. I have a Twitter account for several months but rarely use it. I find keeping up with my daily blog post is challenge enough what with my other commitments. You have encouraged me, however, not to give up. Thanks for the information.

  5. @Sarah Oops sorry haven’t been well this week. Have fixed the d and t issue. I’m sure you will get me back with a tag 🙂

    @Ashley Definitely now is the time to be creative with some many of the students in your school blogging there is a need to stand out and be unique. Glad my ideas and comments have inspired you.

    @Kara I’m glad you and your mum have discussed what is and isn’t appropriate when using Myspace. Sounds like you are being really sensible. Our cat was an indoor cat for years but it was hard work and she really wanted to go outside.

    @Paul C I’m pleased that my post has inspired you to try twitter again. I used to try and post once daily. Now I find my readers are just as happy if I only post a couple of times a week. Which does make it easier and my readership is good.

  6. I am a big tweeter, and I work in the popular-to-tweet-about ICT in education field, but I prefer to tweet ironic observations, humorous/smartypants remarks and random thoughts. My colleagues (with the exception of @Lilylauren and you, Sue) seem to be only interested in tweeting about edutech stuff. That’s really professioal and all, I do learn a lot and also tweet about edutech stuff that I think is really cool or useful, but I find only tweeting about people’s blog posts (or their own) really boring. I tweet for fun! My favourite tweeters also tend to be unpolitically correct smartarses that are funny. Should I be more focussed on tweeting for work?

  7. @Richard let me know if you get stuck

    @Jason I’ve found that most of my followers (I hope) enjoy hearing about the funny things that happen to me. It’s a bit like blogging or talking to people f2f — if you are all business it is harder to create connections with people and you are less likely to have the level of interaction you desire.

    Including the mundane, funny stuff helps people relate to you as a real person. If you look at my twitter account (using you will see I get more conversations and interaction with the mundane than the lets get work done tweets.

    But hopefully I’m not politically incorrect when I tweet.

  8. I am reasonably new to twitter, and as such I have found it hard to bring myself to make comments @ people for fear of rejection!! As a classroom teacher I love looking up all the url’s that people post to get new ideas and learn new skills. I must admit I still get a bit uneasy when someone I tweet doesn’t respond to me, but
    I know it’s not personal. Breaking into established networks is always difficult. The funniest tweet I ever read was andrewsayer’s tweet about the nose picking weirdo sitting next to him on the train…. I was laughing out loud and had to tweet him to discover what station in melbourne the weirdo got off.

  9. I love twitter, but have found that my busy school schedule at present has prevented me from being so active lately, so that when I am on, I tend to be a lurker of late.
    Sometimes I get so engrossed in what others are saying I forget to even tweet myself.
    So, I tend to hover between categories 2 and 3. I don’t tend to share too much personal information but rather “what I am doing in my classroom” or “what I have found helpful online”. Sometimes I ask questions to help me with issues. However, when my Mum died, I got the must amazing response from friends on twitter, some whom I thought rarely used twitter as you dont see them making comments.
    Twitter has meant so much to me in establishing a great personal learning network.

  10. i love twitter too.. smallest pic that I’ve ever known. and they do unique, as many tacher at teachingpost told me.

    some of people in use twitter when they annouch newest information about education, share it using sounds, videos, pics, docs, so everyone of us can get more information that twitter can’t give you.

    but i’m affraid that twitter is only a temporary style about website… what do you thing?

  11. @Robyn Clarke I also feel uncomfortable when I tweet at someone and get no response. Unfortunately there are some people who either aren’t into conversations or only have them with select number of people. There are also many bloggers that are like that; who don’t respond back to people in comments.

    You soon work out how is interested in conversation and who isn’t. I regularly go through my replies and respond back to people because conversations is what I’m interested in when using twitter. I love the funny tweets too.

    @Murcha it’s not fair that life gets in our way but that is how it goes. Must admit I will be glad to reach the end of the year and have holidays. It’s nice to hear that people were supportive of you. Twitter is a major part of my personal learning.

    @Kerry Many of my friends use Twitter to let others know of new resources available. Twitter temporary? Not sure – microblogging is evolving and there are lots of different options available. People will use twitter while it suits their purpose; if a better option comes along they will change.

  12. @Beth Yes I wrote the post then remembered you were off to Hawaiii (sorry). I enjoyed reading your blog posts and was pleased to see you spend time with your family checking out Hawaii (bit jealous). Don’t stress.

    What’s been the most interesting aspect from this post is the number of people who have read it, then read my Quick Tips post and then joined twitter. People that had been reluctant in the past to use it.

  13. Hi Sue,

    I am another one who is not a twitterite. So I would classify myself in category 1. Web2 gurus I respect swear by it. I just haven’t got into it. Admittedly I have very few people on there. But it just has no appeal, particularly the irrelevant comments about day-to-day things. Too much time consumption. I think it would be much more useful if you could determine the type of message: work, play, private, etc. And then the user could filter according to the type of content they desire.

    On the other hand Ning gets me quite excited. The “place” that Ning sites provide are on the one hand restrictive (limited push) but at the same time it provides safety and identity: important social elements.

  14. @Marcel Nothing wrong with fitting the Category 1 — I know of a lot of experience elearning people who don’t enjoy using it. I know it sounds weird but the every day stuff is part of the whole package on twitter. You do get really good at filtering it as you multitask more.

    Ning does get me excited but unfortunately it is really hard to maintain people’s contribution to the community whereas I don’t have these same issues with blogging. The only Ning community that I’ve seen continue to go well is Classroom 2.0 and that I believe relates to the number of participants. And Classroom 2.0 is a good way for new educators to build their own personal learning networks.

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