Blog Action Day – Let’s Help Make A Difference!!!

Blog Action Day – Let’s Help Make A Difference!!!

Today, 15 October, is Blog Action Day where the world’s bloggers, podcasters and videocasters are encouraged to post about the same issue on the same day. This year the theme is Poverty.

The hope is by starting a global discussion we can all help bring about both personal actions and a raised awareness for global poverty action going on (read more about it here).

I decided writing about poverty isn’t enough and, for me, today has to be about taking action because Miss Wyatt’s Poverty post made me recognize I should be doing more. As she says so many of us spend a dollar per day on lollies, chips, soft drink, comics or other non-essential item while large percentage of the World’s population live on less than $1 per day.

So tonight, as a family, we worked through the World Vision Australia’s website and signed up to sponsor a boy from Bangladesh.

If we each work to change one person’s world together we can make a different to the lives of many people.

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9 thoughts on “Blog Action Day – Let’s Help Make A Difference!!!

  1. Thanks. I like to be creative and seperate from the usual facts and answers. Blogging has made things fun for me, it’s kind of like an art easel. You get to put whatever you want onto it.

  2. Hey,
    Yea I think they’re like freeways. We have highways called the merrit parkway. That’s the only example I can think of.

  3. @Ashley – I love how you say “blogging is kind of like an art easel. You get to put whatever you want onto it.” That is a really cool saying about blogging! I’ve just asked my network if they know of any roads in Australia called Parkways as I’m now curious.

    @Cody Never too busy to drop past and say hi — just sometimes it takes a few days for me to get there 🙂 You are doing really well with your blogging.

  4. Hey,
    Thanks for the tips, I’ll definately try them.

    So how exactly did you cheat?Hmm. I’m sure the reason is a good one. Haha.

  5. Hey,

    It’s interesting how different continents and countries use different terms for a road, parkway, freeway, highways,etc…

    You’re probably right about how ‘parkway’ was used in the 50’s and 60’s now we mostly call them highways.

    It’s cool how much we learn about things like ‘parkways’ I guess there’a a lot to learn.

  6. Hey Ms. Waters! I got your comment and I’m very happy!
    I think that it’s very nice that your helping kids in poverty and I took apart of the contest… I think it’s a contest? Anyways I also did a post on Poverty, but It’s not a very powerful… I think your way of remembrance day is great (exept for the no day off…. Just kidding;) Thanks!

    PS: Don’t be sorry at all for not dropping by at my blog! I really appreaciate that you commented on my blog! Thanks again!)

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