Hazards Of The Job!

Hazards Of The Job!

Image of frog

I’m not ‘afraid of no ghosts’!

But frogs living down the U-bend of the toilet at the fish farm we visit with our aquaculture students TOTALLY freak me out! For some odd reason the males just don’t seem to understand!

At least I don’t have to worry about students failing into the water and being eaten by Great White Sharks! Check out below this video of a field trip by Peter Preece’s aquaculture students to watch harvesting of Tuna cages (courtesy of TAFESA).

Find more videos like this on AquaED

So what’s the worst part of your job? Does anything freak you out?

Photo by Aiden Jones licensed under Creative Commons ShareAlike 2.0.

4 thoughts on “Hazards Of The Job!

  1. While I am a Physicist by trade, I get to teach also combined Science to Middle School. And there are always some eager kids who say “are we going to dissect things?” My answer is always “Not if I can avoid it”.
    I dropped Biology quite early in my academic career, and all this business of cutting hearts open or slicing frogs (no matter what toilet they came from) really repels me!
    Greetings from Switzerland!

  2. The worst part of my job is Qantas! Working at the domestic terminal delays are a regular occurrence which lead to frustrate and disgruntled passengers who vent their anger on privately owned F&B attendants!

    I’ll take a frog any day Sue!
    They don’t answer back…

  3. @Sarah When I saw a comment arrive with your name I cracked up laughing before even reading it — just imagining the worst aspects of your job. I agree please don’t share.

    @Rafa My background is actually microbiology, biochemistry and botany. Notice definitely no zoology in the mix (was like that for a reason). I also dislike dissections (but don’t tell anyone — will ruin my reputation as an aquaculturist). Glad I’m not the only one who hates that aspect of their job.

    @mferrinda Noticed that Qantas flights have been quite delayed. Definitely feeling for you. Trust me frogs jumping up can answer back.

    But the good news is they got rid of the frogs so will now have to find new hazard of the job.

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