Using Your Google Calendar To Help Manage Workload!

Using Your Google Calendar To Help Manage Workload!

Google CalendarUsing my email inboxes as my To-Do-List went so well yesterday I even managed to get through work tasks that I really hate and have a bad habit of delaying for weeks. Which made me think “How could my new skills to ensure I complete these tasks more timely?”

My solution ? Create events for my Google Calendar for the tasks and schedule automatic email notification one day prior to the event to be sent to my gmail inbox.

An alternative would be to use Remember the Milk. As Tom Barrett highlighted using Remember the Milk for your To-Do list with it’s GMail plugin to display your to-do list alongside your Inbox is a good method of managing workload — and Vicki Davis uses it effectively to keep her Inbox zero.

Why do I need assistance? Well I manage online aquaculture students who can enrol in our course any time and their enrolment period is based on when they enrol. With students enrolling on different dates means they each need to be resulted by different dates — considerably harder to remember than standard resulting based on school terms/semesters.

Creating Events in Google Calendar

So now I’ve set up events in my Google Calendar with email notifications to me to organise sending email reminders to students and to remind me to enter results into our system.

Adding Event to Calendar

Switch On Notifications in Google Calendar

I have all my Google Calenders set to notify me by email one day prior to events — really handy for ensuring I don’t miss online PD sessions.

My wish is every one would use Google Calendars for event notifications because my calender automatically converts the time of the event into my time zone.  Means I don’t have to waste time trying to work out what time and day the session is on!  Off course my other wish would be that people didn’t schedule most of the online PD sessions for the middle of my night when I’m asleep 🙁

Email notifications

Image of Google Lego Calendar by Keso.

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9 thoughts on “Using Your Google Calendar To Help Manage Workload!

  1. Sue, I can’t believe you sleep. When do you fit that in?
    Thanks for the GCal tips – I’m using my calendar embedded in a Wikispace at so that my students know what dates they are booked for training. They can view their names throughout the year, but can’t edit them.
    This is important because although the schedule for next year is not yet approved, I need to let my clients know dates so they can plan work and holidays around training sessions – lessening excuses for missed classes.
    By the time the dates are approved, I hope to have each class filled with apprentices ready for the new year.
    Each day, I receive an email reminding me what’s planned – I do need to check just in case I’ve forgotten something.

  2. @Simon in this case I didn’t 🙁 . Someone was snoring badly and I couldn’t sleep so had to get up so decided might as well be productive. Embedding the calendar so that students can book for training is an excellent idea — and what a great way of catering to their needs.

    I’m finding with flexible delivery I need more ability to remind me of the tasks.

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