Writing blog posts from mobile devices

Writing blog posts from mobile devices

I absolutely love being given challenges. So was totally pleased when Alice Mercer sent me a message in twitter asking if I could tell her how to write blog posts to Edublogs using her mobile phone.

Fortunately I had lots of ideas about how I might do it so it was just a matter of testing them.

First choice was posterous.com (because it can be used with any mobile device provided you can email).

So simple go to posterous, set up an account then link all the accounts you want to post to e.g. your blog, Flickr. Then all you have to do is write an email on your mobile phone and send it to post.posterous.com. It is immediately posted to all sites.

Obviously it can’t add tags or categories so you would need to add these later.

I’ve written this post entirely using posterous via email on my iphone including taking a quick photo of my watch to show how you can use tools like this to be time efficient. I’m sitting waiting here for my son to finish guitar lesson.

Must say though while the iPhone is amazing I missed the stylus on my previous Phone (PDA) which was considerably faster at writing. Perhaps someone can give me lessons on speed? Meanwhile since I’m new using iPhone’s please feel free to suggesting any applications I should try.

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17 thoughts on “Writing blog posts from mobile devices

  1. Great work Sue. I’m sure this will help many people to keep their Blogs up to date whist travelling.

    I use the WordPress Aplication (free) on my iPhone and it seems to work great, though I havent written too much lately but that will change soon.



  2. Sue,
    Thanks for the tips about updating from a mobile phone – unfortunately, I can’t do this directly with my 3SkypePhone. Apparently, a software error prevents me using email directly, but as I have Internet access, I could use my Gmail account to update indirectly. However, as Andrew has pointed out, the WordPress gadgeallows me to update directly from my phone.

    Logged in automatically, the gadget page opens with a view of my latest blog stats, and links to a ‘post’ tab as well as to my blog page. The ‘post’ tab lets me publish directly to my blog, with provision for title, content and tags. I could publish to more than one blog from here if I needed to.

    This is a handy device for updating AFK, although I prefer to use a computer, devoting time to creating an image-based, easy-to-read post free from spelling errors that also gets my points across. I guess I will learn to achieve this with practice.

    Does Edublogs.org have a similar device?

  3. Aaaargh! In my previous comment, I laboured over the HTML tag to link the phrase “WordPress gadget” to the relevant page but missed the last character (>) to close the string – now the following text is hypertexted to that address – apologies.

  4. @Andrew Yes I’ve also installed WordPress for iPhone and plan to use it for my next post when I’m waiting for my son to finish guitar practice. The only negative has been the slowness of my typing 🙁 I must say though I like the way you can control where posterous posts by which email address you use.

    @Simon The WordPress gadget that Andrew mentions is an application for the iPhone while you are talking about a mobile web interface for your WordPress account. We don’t have that access for Edublogs. Can’t believe that your phone doesn’t send emails.

    Like you I also prefer using the computer however I can see the benefit of how we could use it when we are in the field to share with our students. No stress have edited the HTML – I do that myself too often.

  5. Hey, Sue,

    I’ve been using Posterous for moblogging and it’s very straightforward. Love it.

    Another option I use is to send my photo to Flickr and then write a blog post for the photo and send it to the blog I registered there.

    Also, I’m enjoying playing around with Utterz. There you can record stuff from your phone as well as send messages and photos to it.

  6. hehehe waiting for the kids to finish sports etc is when I get to do my blogger blog posts, from my phone (just a sony ericsson k800i, nothing fancy but takes awesome pics :)) haven’t tried the edublogs one from the phone… but I have my mobile broadband to connect the laptop – so that is usually around.

  7. Hi Carla, earlier in the year I tried Utterz but the international phone calls blitzed my phone bill. I then discovered Gabcast which uses a local (Sydney) phone number to update my blog from the field.

    Gabcast doesn’t have all the features of Utterz, but it’s easier for me to use in Australia.

  8. Simon, I understand what you mean about Utterz, for I avoided it when I was in Brazil. What they told me is that they are trying to add local numbers, not only US. Many people seem to enjoy Gabcast. I should give it a go.

  9. @Carla I’ve blogged from Flickr and it is so good. I’m also using WordPress for iphone that is excellent.

    @Suz I haven’t got mobile broadband as I want good coverage and Telstra is too expensive. So compromised with the iPhone.

    @Simon Can’t we access Utterz from Sydney? Haven’t tried either yet but am thinking about it. Bill wise do I need to worry?

  10. Thank you, Sue.
    These are very useful tips. I’m saving money to get an i-phone or other kind of device that enables me to work and communicate when I’m outdoors.
    To be back home in the evening doesn’t leave me time enough to go beyond the priorities.
    Now I must say I’m very happy with my Toshiba and the little Asus Eee pc; I’m adapting to both of them and enjoying an offer of free mobile broadband for a whole month; but from September, it will cost 3 Euros per day, so I’ll be back to my ADSL.

  11. Hi Sue,

    the iphone app works great. Had some troubles at the initial setup, but suddenly it showed my blog and everything is working.

    Keep going the great work with edublogs.

  12. @Ines I really love my iPhone and it’s amazing all the things you can do with it. For me worth every cent.

    @Manuel Glad to hear the WordPress for iphone application working well. Thanks for kind words re-my work with Edublogs

  13. That is so awesome that you have an iPhone!
    I want one so bad. Thanks for the comment and I am sorry that I didn’t put Motor Racing on my poll.

  14. Hello,
    Why the Jonas Brothers are an amazing pop-rock band, and mostly teenage girl’s listen to them. (like me) I like the one that was in the middle of the picture.(haha) I’m sure the girls where you are have a favorite band, almost like the Jonas Brothers. I would love to hear if your class knows who they are. Thank-you.

  15. @Rob iphone is definitely cool and I really love it. Occasionally I write my blog posts using it. Writing polls is hard and you did an excellent job. More importantly well done for embedding into your post. Motor racing here is very different from where you live. Why not see if you can find information on the Bathurst 1000 and see what it is like (they even get kangaroos on the race track).

    @Olivia Asked my sons and they said they had heard of them. I forgot to ask my students and now they are on holidays. I will have to check out more about Jonas Brothers.

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