Queensland Here I Come!

Queensland Here I Come!

Sad puppyBeing based in Western Australia I don’t get much opportunity to get out and about!   So the good news is next week I’m going to be in Queensland for two Aquaculture conferences.

Trouble is — lets be honest here — there aren’t probably that many people in the aquaculture industry who are into blogging, podcasting, Web 2.0 like me.  So I’m definitely concerned that I may get lonely and would really like to maximize my visit by also catching up with other people interested in social media and Web 2.0 technologies.

My schedule is as follows:

  • Mooloolaba – Thurs 31 July – Sat 2 Aug
  • Brisbane  Southbank  Precinct –  Sun 3 Aug – Thurs 7 Aug

Simon Brown is organizing at meet up somewhere, lunchtime, in Brisbane  Southbank Precinct for Sunday 3rd August.

PLEASE help me out!  If you’re interested in meeting up please let me know!

And if you’re enjoying this blog, please consider feed-icon32x32 Help Me Demonstrate The Importance Of Personal Learning Networks!Subscribing for free!

Photo by Mubblegum licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Non-derivative Works 2.0 Generic.

17 thoughts on “Queensland Here I Come!

  1. Hi Sue, I could cry, I really could. I’d really love to meet you because I feel like we’ve become virtual friends but it just isn’t going to happen, is it. I am in Brisbane on Monday 28th & return home to New Zealand first thing on Friday 1st. I’m meeting up with my new PhD supervisor and presenting a session about e-mentoring to a group of aged-care workers. I am really looking forward to warming up after the snow we’ve been having here in NZ. So, hope you have a safe journey, and hopefully next time I’ll catch up with you.

  2. Hey Sue,

    Even though I’m a Sunshine Coast girl myself I’ll be heading down to Brissie to catch up with you and Simon on Sunday!

    I’ll DM you my mobile so we can stay in tough on day and not get lost!!

    See you next weekend.


  3. Sue,
    I’m so sorry I won’t be able to meet up with you, I’d love to. Kids-in-tow would probably not work …. have a great time and maybe there will be another.

  4. Hi Sue,

    Though I wont be up there, I have found out that the 2nd Conference is being organised by one of our Teachers’ wives (they run an event management company). So if you see Sarah-Jane and Simon Day, say g’day. Simon is one of our Senior English Teachers.

    Enjoy your time in Brisbane.


  5. @Sarah, Marie and TFT sorry we didn’t manage to catch up this time but perhaps it will happen another time!

    @TFT I will look out for Simon and say hi!

    @Talia Look forward to meeting both you and your husband tomorrow.

    Look forward to meet everyone who said they can come tomorrow!

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