I’ve Learnt To Read Romanian In 5 Seconds! How Long Will It Take You?

I’ve Learnt To Read Romanian In 5 Seconds! How Long Will It Take You?

2400273534_94773b0a1f_m.jpgI’m flying back and forth across the room doing cartwheels! Well strictly speaking in my mind as I’m one of those people totally, absolutely hopeless at all forms of sport (so bad I’ve caused injuries to others).

Why? Because finally I can translate Gabriela Grosseck’s blog from Romanian to English (click on this link to read her blog in English)!

Gabriela has been a loyal supporter of all my sites from almost the very beginning when I was just a podcaster. She has always provided encouragement and shared information with me and lots of other edubloggers.

Translating Other Languages

I’ve spent hours searching, without luck, for a free online translator for Romanian without luck.

Fortunately Gabriela recently discovered that Google Translate now translates more languages including Romanian. Now I can easily read her blog and repay all her support she has given me over the years — please take the time to visit Gabriela’s blog and say hi (you can even use Google Translate to write a comment in Romanian).

I’ve now added their Google Translate widget to my right side bar to make it easier to read my posts in words other than English as I have many readers that English is not their main language. I feel really bad that as an English speaker we expect people who speak other languages to read our language.


For some reason Google Translate didn’t include Aussie slang! WT? But the good news is you can:

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Photo from Flickr photo Uploaded on April 9, 2008 by dellaert licensed under Creative Commons ShareAlike 2.0.

7 thoughts on “I’ve Learnt To Read Romanian In 5 Seconds! How Long Will It Take You?

  1. Thx. Sue.

    I am not sure I need it right now, but you never know. I should try to connect with a Japanese student I had a year ago. Of course, I should have her keep up with her English because she learned a lot while in Canada.

  2. Thank you, Sue, for the Google Translate widget. I ‘ll try to place it in my side bar as well, but up til now I didn’t understand how to add extra widgets to our side bars; I can just handle the previously available ones.
    I’m also trying to put the Challenge badge in my blog, as well as “Myweblog” and I can’t discover how.
    I know you are very busy, so don’t worry about answering me, I can wait.
    Meanwhile, I’ll search better on your Edublogger, maybe I’ll find your helpful tips.
    Keep enjoying our Challenge!

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