Thanks Diigo, CoComment and TweetCloud For The Support

Thanks Diigo, CoComment and TweetCloud For The Support

Image of No'sIt would appear that apparently it’s impossible to say NO to me, surely that’s not the case, however I’m feeling slightly sorry for the poor companies / individuals, this weekend, that got dragged into Sue’s World. Image of No!!!! by Claudecf.

Adventures With Diigo

Let’s start with Diigo. The educators have gone absolutely crazy in Twitter since last Thursday about this site — so much so that I had to name it The Site That Can’t Be Named.

I’ve made a conscious decision not to rush off to try every new shiny tool that people rave about because it becomes tiring/draining; it’s much better to let others do all work and wait to see if they still love in a few weeks or moved onto the next best thing (I’m with the cows — read the last sentence at the bottom of the post). However boredom won on Saturday night made me decide to try Diigo out.

Unfortunately installing the diigo toolbar crashed FireFox and kept crashing it whenever I tried to open up my iGoogle page. Nothing worse for me than not being able to do something; drives me crazy. Joel from Diigo immediately contacted me Sunday, when I twittered my problem — poor guy has been working hard since to reproduce my problem so they can check out the issue.

CoComment And Commenting

Meanwhile I’ve been having nice discussions with Christophe from CoComment; we been communicating since he became interested in my comparison between the RSS feed from co.mment and cocomment. I’ve decided to persist with Cocomment because 1) I’m so impressed with the responsiveness of their support and 2) I’m interested in the community aspects of their site (Hey Kim – you seem to be a CoComment power user — do you have any tips for getting more out of using it?).

Poor Christophe — my latest problem with CoComment addon was intermittent problems in FireFox preventing comments from being posted.

After considerable research Diigo wasn’t able to reproduce the problem so suggested I create an entirely new profile of FireFox — which I did last night. Installed Diigo toolbar – no problems. Added CoComment addon — oops now iGoogle is crashing. So we have Diigo toolbar + CoComment Addon + my iGoogle page = FireFox crashes.

Poor guys — now both companies looking into what has Sue done (but fortunately they have now been able to reproduce the problem using an iGoogle page exactly like mine).

So now we have the email competition — which company will enjoy the most email exchanges with me? Your thoughts?

My Own TweetCloud

And not to be outdone I’ve also managed to drag poor John Krutch into it; after he read my reply on Alan Levine’s post at not being able to use TweetCloud cause apparently I’m a prolific twitterer. Thanks to John I’ve now got my own fantastic TweetCloud and he is fantastic. I hope you all notice that Good features strongly in my twitters; this should dispels all myths that I rant and proves I’m GOOD.



Thanks to Joel (Diigo), Christophe (CoComment) and John Krutch (TweetCloud) for all the fantastic support.

Would love to hear what you like the most about using Diigo and CoComment. Please let me know of resources, video etc that you recommend I should refer to for learning how to get the most out of using Diigo and CoComment. And let me know how your TweetCloud goes πŸ™‚

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10 thoughts on “Thanks Diigo, CoComment and TweetCloud For The Support

  1. Hi Sue,

    It’s so funny that you would mention me as a power-user of coComment. I used to use the FF plug-in last year, but ultimately gave up on it because the plug-in slowed my browser down to a crawl (and without the plug-in, it’s too cumbersome to make it worth it for me).

    I would love to be able to use coComment again though… However, until that plug-in works more efficiently, I won’t. I kept getting the status update “waiting for coComment” every time I tried to load any website – often it would take minutes to finish. Much too long to actually make it useful. After struggling with it for a few months, I finally gave up.

    I wonder if they have an upgraded version that works better than the last time I used it (probably sometime around November of last year)?

  2. Hi Sue.
    Many thanks for your post. And do not worry, we will find the cause of the problem and fix it ASAP (although I’m having troubles to reproduce it: I now have an igoogle home page like yours and it works fine: it crashes just once up to now).
    @mscofino: yes, we definitely fixed many performance issues to make our extension as fast as possible. And, of course, this is not the end of the story: improving the performance is a constant battle here πŸ˜‰

  3. Hi Sue,
    Thank you for referring to my post. It is nice to know that others have followed your pointer and visited my old brown blog. I guess some will discover that old ‘grumpy’ John does have a soft side.

    I gotta get into Co-Comment or similar one day. A friend, Kevin Lim [ ] is pushing me towards FriendFeed. Makes me feel hungry!

  4. I couldn’t help laughing at the “can’t say no to Sue” routine either… but here we all are again!I did follow Vicki Davis’s posts on TSTCBN and gave it a try. I have had no problems with it and the toolbar is working nicely. I particularly liked the idea of cross-posting to at the same time as to Diigo (oops I said it!) and I’m beginning to explore the community possibilities. It’s an honour to be on your blog roll – will try and live up to expectations!

  5. Thanks Sue, for a fun, and well written blog post.

    I admit it, I jumped on the Diigo bandwagon, and had none of the install issues that you had. I played with it — and for now, have decided to stick with Since I had only really started to comprehend it about 3 weeks ago anyway!! πŸ™‚

    I have not tried cocomments — but you have inspired me to at least give it a chance and tweetclouds are just cool!! (have to remember to put it back on the new wordpress theme!)

    It is so refreshing to read a blog where customer service IS working and seems to be working well. It continually shows that people ARE willing to help!!! And I thank you for reminding us of that.


  6. @Kim actually originally it was Darren Draper that suggested you since I mentioned how he uses it in a post. He said better to look at a power user account and mentioned yours. They have got a new update which seems to be working fine πŸ™‚

    @Christophe I know you’re working hard and I don’t envy you. I’ve decided to remove the diigo toolbar and stick with cocomment because I using it more than I want to use diigo at the moment.

    @John I don’t find you grumpy and believe that you are raising some really important points about balance (says she who worries about holidays). Please don’t tell me about another conversation tracking tool :). But honestly it is a must.

    @Raja I’ll forgive you for mentioning TSTCBN; it definitely is a combination of issues on my Firefox and good to know the two companies are looking into the issues.

    @Jen I’m glad you enjoyed my post. To be honest the bandwagon does get a bit tiring – I will check out diigo more when I feel like it. I’m happy to support companies that try their best to support their users. TweetCloud is so cool and thanks to Darren Draper now provides an option to not include @ replies.

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