Vacation Without Internet Access? What The?

Vacation Without Internet Access? What The?

Holiday time is approaching and normally I would feel a sense of excitement. However the trouble is in just over two weeks I’ve agreed to spend the first week of my holidays, with the family (i.e. hubby & our two kids) and some friends, at a holiday resort.

I’m not the best of company for extended periods in group situations, as I like my own space, and to make matters worse there’s no Internet access. The owner of the resort tried to explain to me that you don’t need a computer when you go on holiday. What the? Are they for real?Image from RV Vacation

So now, as the time approaches, I feeling a bit like Robin Williams from RV: Runaway Vacation. I’ve been plotting for days how I can smuggle some type of electronic device with me, to remain connected, and stay sane.

And like Robin Williams character in this movie I will need to be sneaky clever as hubby may not totally understand and friends definitely won’t.

Help definitely needed

Here are my thoughts so far:

  1. Internet cafe – not ideal. Expecting others to be slow to get going in the morning so would be good to access from accommodation.
  2. Use Data plan on my PDA – less than ideal. Expensive option because my PDA is 2.5 G. Also I’ve lost my charger for my PDA and have to charge using computer. If I take a computer it would be my MacBook which won’t work with my PDA that runs Windows Mobile 5.
  3. Purchase a Mobile 3G USB modem plan for my MacBook – this option looks good to me. Smuggle my MacBook into my luggage. Plans are about $30/month although not sure if wireless coverage will reach Siesta Park in Busselton? Downside is need to sign up for a 12 or 24 month plan to ensure 1 week of sanity (seems worth it to me).
  4. Go without?
  5. Illness?

So I’m thinking the USB modem plan might be the way to go. What’re your thoughts? Crazy or sane? Do you know which company is better to go with?

Off course maybe therapy is cheaper?

PS Not that I’m being secretive but lets hope hubby doesn’t Google my blog and read this post πŸ™‚

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27 thoughts on “Vacation Without Internet Access? What The?

  1. First, we’ll miss you when you’re gone if you’re not able to connect.

    Second, a brief rest from technology always improves my performance upon return (absence makes the heart grow fonder).

  2. Hi Sue

    After my own experience at Mt Buller over Easter I would say that having access to a nice view, real coffee, chocolate AND a USB modem is therapy πŸ™‚

    Have a great holiday.


  3. Yo Sue,

    Um the good news is that you don’t have to go on a 24 month plan to access 3 broadband you only need purchase the modem for $199 and then you can pay $29 per month for as long as you choose, (no need for the 2 year commitment). More good news, The Age suggests that 3 is the best service.

    Now the BAD news…….. The 2Gb per month allowance is for both down and upload.. The other problem is that the only 3 service available down in Busselton is for talk and messaging, NOT Broadband. Hmmm, looks like carrier pigeons are the go :). BTW if you get a chance go for a snorkel out under the Busselton Pier if you haven’t already, it’s neat.

  4. Sue, I say take the holiday and enjoy being disconnected for a few days. We promise to fill you in anything important that takes places while you are gone.

  5. Go without it. A vacation is a time to relax mate.
    Whenever I go overseas (apart from the ‘connected’ Changi airport) – I would rarely have an internet connection (or 56k at most, the good ole days of dial up tunes). I’m not connected virtually but was very connected with the people I’m with – family and friends.
    Have a lovely break and ENJOY!

  6. @Darren – I k now you will miss me especially as one of the days includes Open PD. And I definitely agree a break is good.

    @Jac You and I are obviously on the same wavelength. Would be nice to be going away with people that understood this need. I love it when I go on holidays with my geek friends; we have such a great time.

    @John surely this can’t be right. There must be mobile broadband coverage in Busselton somewhere? Please this can’t be happening? Being to wonder about option 5 and if broken leg would work?

    @Robin & Michael I’m thinking that perhaps I didn’t stress HOW BAD I’m in this particular group situation for extended periods of time and how much I need my own space. I like going on holidays especially with hubby & kids. Could easily cope with no Internet access in that situation. But I know (from past experience) that waiting for the other families to get organise to do whatever, and waiting around will I expected to wait around, and going where ever I’m expected to go, and keeping the peace without totally losing it – being grumpy or sulking will be incredibly challenging for me (PS they know this about me — but this doesn’t mean its enjoyable). Being able to lock myself away and connect may be my only hope of maintaining calm. Off course there is always option 6 which is to take plenty of Valium.

  7. I had the same dilemma in February. We went to Mexico, and I went cold turkey. It was fine. Really. In fact, the only time I felt stress was when I returned and realized I had to ignore pages and pages of tweets that I had missed! But I did…and life went on. You’ll be fine:) Deep breath now…..

  8. Oh heck no. Gotta have the coverage. Is there any way to upgrade cell to Mobile 6? That made it super easy to connect Treo 750 to my MacBook. Worth the money if you can even get a slightly decent cell signal. Better than smoke signals. We love to camp, but I am an info junkie. Must. Have. Connection. Who needs therapy? You seem normal enough to me.

  9. For goodness sake Sue, take a break.

    Forget the www. It will still be there when you get back. The earth will still continue to rotate on its axis and the sun will still continue on its journey.

    Take a small notepad and do a daily sketch. Date each sketch. Document your maddening downwards spiral as a little sketch as you do cold turkey and then come through the other side. Scan the sketches upon your return and post them to the blog. Could be a hoot.

    Or, order some books and read them.


    PS. What is there an unlabeled checkbox above the submit button when I post to your blog? I have always wondered about that. ^_^

  10. Based on the comments I still think I need to stress again in my defense that normally lack of Internet access wouldn’t be a problem however in this group situation I wanted it as a sanity saver.

    Just in case your interested– for research sake I have checked out mobile wireless USB modem plans. I truly live in the luckiest State in Australia. There are some really good plans with several phone companies that include the modem for $29.95/month. Slight problem they only work in metropolitan areas which in Western Australia equates to Perth but not all suburbs.

    If you want regional coverage you can only get it through Telstra. Which means you have to buy the modem for approximately $300 then go on a plan. The plan works out at approx $55/month for the first 12 months then approx $100/month for the following 12 months for 3GB or $40 for 1st 12 months & $80/month for 2nd 12 months for 1GB per month usage.

    Something definitely not good in Australia.

    Options are running out fast πŸ™ On a side note – seriously considering ringing the expensive resort in the same area just out of curiosity to find out if they provide Internet access. For research sake off course.

    @Susan I promise that I would take lots of deep breathes but can’t promise I will cope with being with lots of people.

    @Scott you are a man after my own heart. Trouble is the device is from work so would need to buy a Treo and not totally convinced by the Treo.

    @CW and Isaak I’ll try

    @John now that’s a good idea. I will take a notepad or a computer (without connection) and write my stuff so that I can relieve some pressure. The box is for you to tick if you want to be notified by email of further comments.

  11. Get the treetop villa. You should be able to get some sort of coverage over the flat plains in W.A. Otherwise a 12km row in a boat to Busselton or hire a speed boat, take the friends, drop them to shop in Busselton while you find the internet cafe … lol

  12. I had the same problem when I went on holiday in January so I feel your pain!

    The way I got around it was to very kindly let my husband go and play golf for the day with a friend (at great personal cost to myself!) ……..and then I scuttled off to an internet cafe. It was bliss!

  13. Option #3 for certain. And you shouldn’t try to hide it. There is NOTHING wrong with wanting to be connected. This whole meme about being connected somehow being bad is total crap. Refuse to accept that!

    Also, your DH shouldn’t make you choose. It’s none of his business. πŸ™‚ My DW doesn’t want me to have a dog. I remind her frequently that she shouldn’t make me choose as the dog might win.

  14. @Sue Sorry can’t get any mobile broadband coverage unless I go with a Telstra plan which would cost $299 to buy the wireless modem card plus a plan for 12 months. This means I would have to pay a minimum of $800 to use; and probably only need it for a week :). Internet Cafe looks like the way however I have discovered a couple of wireless hotspots; one of which is free — so maybe my Mac wants to come with me?

    @Sarah So clever — my problem is more that we will be with friends so will be harder to be creative.

    @Kevin If he knew I would use it he would have no issue with me buying the card. Trouble is there would be very few occasions where I need to get connected via wireless. Funnily enough I did discuss it with him on Saturday and he actually had no problem with the idea of me accessing the Internet while we were away and if the plan was $30 per month could have lived with it. Looks like some of my readers are more concerned that he was πŸ™‚

  15. I a completely agree with Michael. But one thing I would like to suggest, on our vacation we can mind our needs though it is internet or even it is business. But we should remain enjoying our vacation.

  16. Went on holidays over Christmas in Tassie. Did a couple of days with work related and checked email twice I think while I was there.

    Can’t recall the wife or kids complaining I was involved in what the family was doing and not online or coding as I would be at home. πŸ™‚

    You will survive Sue and might get a different perspective on what really is important to you. Me. I really enjoyed getting out and about with family and having real time alone to reflect on past and future. Give it a go. Leave the technology at home and see what you haven’t been noticing because you were too busy to notice.


  17. @Vacation I can relax πŸ™‚ and I will enjoy my holiday.

    @Dan I loved going away to Sydney last year with hubby and the 2 kids. It was lovely to unwind and I didn’t miss accessing the Internet at all. It’s more a case if I have to wait around for long periods of time while others are getting ready to go out to do stuff for the day then I would rather be doing something than being bored.

    @Christophe sure I can cope without the Internet. I managed well when we had holidays in Queensland and again in Sydney. But lets be honest they were great locations with lots to do.

    The good news is I’ve finally found my charger for my PDA so at least will be able to access my phone if I go off for walks and they are looking for me. Oh and I suppose I might be able to email, twitter and go on the mobile web πŸ™‚ – provided the 2.5 G network reaches 12 km out of Busselton (looks like I might be feeling a bit depressed again πŸ™ )

  18. This post made me laugh as I am in the same quandary as you, when I travel. Two of our boys live in London and we try to visit them each year and then travel to some other destinations whilst over there. I just head for internet cafes as they are usually somewhere to be found. The most amusing place was when I sat in amongst what seemed like 100 students in China playing games in one cafe (I was the only caucasian) However, I love to blog and keep my posts online for people to track so I cannot go without internet access for more than 48 hours, when absent from home (well I dont think I can as I have never tried!!0

  19. This post is very funny! I had to laugh because I can not be without internet access or a phone. If I am without internet I go insane. I have to be connected to the outside world somehow! I will spend hours at a time just trying to make it work or figure out where the next possible place I am able to go to receive internet access. It is so sad how technology takes over so much of our lives! Well good luck on figuring out a way to have internet access on vacation without making your family upset. πŸ™‚

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