The Day Twitter Followers Made Me “Wash My Mouth Out With Soap”

The Day Twitter Followers Made Me “Wash My Mouth Out With Soap”

What can I say?

Well apparently I said a lot more than people have come to expect from my mouth – as you can see from what’s been said in my twitter account!


While some of my followers were a tad offended by my tweets — some actually enjoyed these more than my normal ones plus some choose to follow me!

I’m comforted to know that I wasn’t alone in this – it was happening around the World – even Jeff Utecht and Leonard Low joined me.  Though it looks like my mouth was considerably naughtier than theirs.

Leonard even apologized.


Thankfully my mate Darren Draper came to the rescue, providing a link to the twitter blog post on what had happened.

Twitter was testing a new application server tonight that didn’t work right so they rolled it back. While many people saw the error page other people experienced a more dramatic error which had them accidentally updating other people’s Twitter. Apparently some reported every time they refreshed the page they had another twitter account.

This twitter appears to have enjoyed himself – saying “I posted as 150 different random people on Twitter. It was pretty amazing”.

Meanwhile I was totally oblivious to my twitter antics – which I discovered 2 hours later when I returned to my computer.  The hacking of our accounts was very short lived – stopped immediately Twitter realised the problem – but it did give me a massive panic attack at the thought of my online accounts being hacked.

Glad I use TweetScan tracking to alert me when people twitter my name.

3 thoughts on “The Day Twitter Followers Made Me “Wash My Mouth Out With Soap”

  1. Sue –

    Frank (@metaweb20) alerted me of this happening this a.m., but I didn’t know what actually happened on the twitter-end. Thanks for clearing it up, I was kind of freaking out about it possibly happening to me!

  2. I saw these tweets appear live.

    My first thought was “twitter is broken”

    It’s very interesting actually _knowing_ the person at the other end of the twitter; and having certain understanding of their style.

    These tweets were not @dswaters at all.

    Just ignored the bogus tweets.

    I hope that others are equally as forgiving and understanding.

  3. Wow
    the dark side of upgrades.
    It’s funny — I only followed the aftermath of the some of the blips and wondered what the heck folks were talking about.
    Thanks for the illumination!

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