Valentine’s Day in 21st Century

Valentine’s Day in 21st Century

hearts.jpgIt’s normally me who goes to bed late whereas my hubby goes to bed REALLY early. Lately I’ve been tired so been beating him to bed. Image by Bob Fornal.

Imagine my concern when I woke up, in what felt like the middle of the night, to realise the house was dark and he wasn’t in bed. Off course I tried to go back to sleep celebrating the idea of the entire bed to myself. But then my mind when into overdrive!

Had he got upset when he woke me and I told him where to go? Maybe he was asleep on the couch? mmm as I reach over and realise his pillows are next to me — he would take them! Maybe he has left me? Was the Valentine Day flowers a decoy? It’s 11.15 pm — which is really late for him!

So finally I struggled out of bed. After making sure his wallet was still by his side of the bed. Stumbled to our lounge – no hubby asleep on couch. Checked his car keys were in the house.

Stumbled through the house in darkness — spotting a tiny light coming out from underneath MY study door. What do I find? My hubby using MY computer wearing MY headset singing along to a karaoke video on YouTube!

Is this what Valentine’s Day means in the 21st Century?
Maybe I should have shared with him the Business Time video that Nick Hodge gave me for Valentine’s Day?

Perhaps this is a timely reminder for all of us to remember what our partner normally feels like when we slip into bed in the middle of the night!

PS don’t tell hubby I blogged this!

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