How To Effectively Manage Your Comments on Other People’s Blogs

How To Effectively Manage Your Comments on Other People’s Blogs

Blogging is all about having the conversations — not talking to yourself! True conversations, which is what we want to achieve, is when we all, author and commenters interact.

Managing Comments on Other People’s blogs

I’ve many tips for keeping up the conversations on blogs but I believe the most important is being very effective at managing my comments on other people’s blogs. I use co-mment, which tracks my comments, and it notifies me automatically by sending the comment to my Google Reader account. This way when a person comments on a post that I have commented on I can choose to immediately respond back if I want. Co-mment means I can effectively manage my conversations, and they can be near instantaneous.

Setting up Co.mment Account

  1. Go to co.mment and click on Get an account to set up your account
  2. Click on Tool/Setting link and follow instructions to add bookmarklet to your web browser

Diagram of how to set up Co.mment account

Add A Post You Want To Follow To Co.mment

  1. Write your comment on the post you want to track
  2. Then click on the Co.mment bookmarklet in your web browser — make sure you are logged into your co.mment account


Subscribing To Your Comments From Co.mment Using A Feed Reader

There are a few options for recieving updates of new comments on blog conversations you are following:

  • Read them directly on your tracking page at co.mment
  • Subscribe by email — means you receive e-mail alerts when new comments are posted
  • Subscribe to your tracking page RSS feed using a Feed Reader i.e. new comments are delivered to your Feed Reader

Subscribing using RSS is the most efficient method because you can use it to manage all the information you receive e.g. comments from your co.mment tracking page, latest posts from blogs you read, your friends Flickr photos.

Subscribing to RSS from comment

Responding Back To Comments

By subscribing to my co.mment tracking page using Google Reader I’m quickly notified when a person comments on a post I’m tracking so I can quickly choose to respond back if I want.



Do you use comment tracking applications? If so, do you prefer co.mment or cocomment and why? What are your tips for achieving true conversations on blogs?

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28 thoughts on “How To Effectively Manage Your Comments on Other People’s Blogs

  1. Hi,
    Nice post, I have been using cocomment rather the co.mments. I did tried it for a while, but at the end decided for coComment. Seems the most feature rich and potentially powerful tool. I think they are at 900,000 users and this is a good incentive for me to integrate with them since it increases my blog exposure. My humble opinion. tks

  2. Sarah you have become so good at managing comments on other people’s blogs using co.mment that you are starting to beat me to comment on blog posts I would normally comment on. WOW – well done and glad you like using co.mment.

    Thanks Joaquin – cocomment definitely does have some really good features and it is good to know that it works well for your needs. I’m waiting for changes to their feed so I can get into it more.

    While I may have been a bit (understatement) slow with responding back to the comments Cathy – I’m glad I was prompt in helping out you with your problem.

    Hi Sue – nice to see ya. Definitely a tool for tracking conversations is a must for me. I like co.mment since it meets my needs but as joaquin what works for each of us is individual.

  3. I’ve been wondering how people keep these conversations going! I just set up my co.comment account and am testing it out with this comment. Thanks for shedding some light on this mystery!

  4. After dropping coComment last year, and now returning back (based on your excellent advice), I really see the need efficient comment tracking with RSS.

    As much as I don’t really want to use 2 different tools to keep track of my conversations (minimal though they are), the co.mments RSS feed definitely works better than the one from coComment (which consistently says there are no items, even though I see them on my “conversations” page).

    As always, thanks for the great tips!

  5. Thank you for your helpful comments about using co.mments as a Comment Tracking Service.

    After spending a couple of frustrating hours yesterday trying to get the coComments set up without success, I thought I might not be able to get a tracking service set up for the Blog Challenge.

    I got a tip about co.mments with link to this post. In less than 15 minutes late at night, I was registered, ready to go with co.mments and linked into my Google Reader.

    I am a very grateful fan.

  6. Hmmm I am having problems with co.mments. I have registered but cannot get the bookmarklet on my toolbar …. spent hours on this trying to solve the problem. No problems with co.comments.

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  8. I have two separate co.mments accounts, one for my personal blog, and the second for our business blog.

    And I have added the co.mments bookmarklet on my Safari browser.

    Do I need to log off one co.mments account and log on to the other, when I am tracking conversations pertaining to the two different blogs?

    Or is there a way to have both bookmarked.

    If not, I guess the solution is to access the two accounts on two separate browsers.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays…

  9. @talkturkey the best solution would be to run two separate web browsers and be logged into the two accounts that way. Otherwise it will only track the comments for one account. I also use cocomment as co.mments has had down time lately.

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