Always Something There To Remind Me

Always Something There To Remind Me

Image of FootprintsOh dear, who forgot the simple rule that we leave digital footprints when we work online? Oops me!

Who is Really To Blame?

But in all fairness, the blame should be shifted equally to:

You see Kevin was nice enough to tell us about FlauntR — a new photo editing site which he feels is special. Now Alan is really into his photos so normally he would let us know his thoughts — but in his self imposed absence I decided to do a road test! Photo by Paul Watson.

What Happened…..

  1. Didn’t want to spend too much time road testing FlauntR (after all Alan should be doing it πŸ™‚ ) — so just choose any old photo to upload from my computer!
  2. Next saw pretty Valentine’s Day borders which looked quick and easy– so added one!
  3. Fantastic — great editing options plus you can link automatically to your sites like Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, Bebo. So naturally saved my quick photo creation into my Flickr account.
  4. A couple hours later to discover that one of my Flickr friend does what I do and actually looks at his contacts latest photos.

Here is his comment:

Well maybe – does it mean I get all this stuff? Or do I have to give it to you?

You will understand his question when you check out my beautiful Valentine’s Day photo I created using FlauntR. Well spotted Michael Coghlan!

It’s Fun Having Friends

To be honest I laughed so much when Michael noticed my photo on Flickr.

I really love checking out my friends photos as they are delivered to my Google Reader account via the RSS feed from Flickr (here is my post that explains how I add and manage my FlickR friends). You get such a feel of what is happening in their part of the World, or in the case of my photo — what the? is Sue doing? going? with this photo?

Thoughts on FauntR

  • Definitely lots of great photo editing options
  • Wouldn’t work at all in Firefox, so am only able to use it in Internet Explorer– but I’m thinking that it is having an issue with the cocomment Firefox addon that I installed (another long story!!!)
  • Need to do a more detailed road test πŸ™‚


Hoping Michael Coghlan buys me all that stuff on the Valentine Day’s photo!

Have you tried FauntR? What are your thoughts?

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8 thoughts on “Always Something There To Remind Me

  1. Sue!

    Happy to take some of the blame here. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the nod, now I know why my site traffic went nuts yesterday! πŸ™‚ Keep on keepin’ on! See you on Twitter!


  2. Kevin would love to blame myself for your increase in blog traffic — but I don’t think it was me unfortunately. Saying that always happy to encourage people to visit other people’s blogs.

    Definitely wasn’t a sublimal message Alan. I just knew if I added your name you would have to road test it and would find some way of telling us your results. I agree with your assessment. Has potential but still seems very flaky. Looks like the issue is not cocomment but FlauntR.

    Thanks Christophe for checking out whether cocomment is part of the issue. There must be a difference between mine and Alan’s computer as he could use it with Firefox but was unable to save.

  3. We checked if our extension can be blamed but it doesn’t look it is the case.
    Fauntr is using flash and it might be a problem with the release of the flash player you are using.

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