Balancing Two Blogs While Meeting Your Readers Needs!

Balancing Two Blogs While Meeting Your Readers Needs!

balancingInteresting observation, and probably no surprises for anyone, but blogging on two separate blogs, in the same niche area, has challenges! Meeting your needs, those of your readers and ensuring you don’t develop a multiple personality disorder demands a balancing act! Photo by margolove.

Here’s How I Think I Can Achieve Balance

Cross posting on The Edublogger and this blog is an easy solution but really annoying if you’re a reader of both blogs.

The Edublogger community has been providing excellent feedback on What They’d like to see covered on the blog which indicates communities needs can be broken into several areas:

  1. “How To” tips for blogging e.g. embed widgets and videos, difference between categories and tags
  2. Engage others, and organisations, in emerging technologies
  3. Advice on using blogs in an educational context

Also The Edublogger is in it’s infancy with readers range from bloggers starting out to experienced bloggers; needs of newbies and experienced are totally different. I feel it will be impossible to adequately meet the needs of these distinct reader groups initially especially if I’m jumping between blog topics. And yet it also provides my solution to balance:

  1. The Edublogger initial posts will be “How To” tips — they are my strength and appear to be the community’s primary needs
  2. This blog will work through topics I need assistance with addressing like advice on using blogs in an educational context


I’ve posted the first “how to” tip on The Edublogger – Getting More Out Of Widgets. My goal was to make the instructions easy for newbies but also helpful for educators looking for “how to’s” for engaging others.

Thanks to all my readers who have provided support and feedback on The Edublogger. I’m trying my best to meet the needs of the community and would love your feedback on my solution. Is there a better solution?

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7 thoughts on “Balancing Two Blogs While Meeting Your Readers Needs!

  1. This could really work out fine, especially if the solutions you get from this blog will lead to ‘how to’ as well. Than you would really benefit from writing for two blogs.
    but indeed, it looks like quite a challenge even if you do divide them up so rationally πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks Larry, Claire and Ignatia – still trying to find that balance which has unfortunately meant this week my blogging on my own site has been minimal. Any way things seem to be settling down now so this coming week should be better.

  3. Just wait until you end up with about 5, 10 blogs πŸ˜‰ Hey, you get to make the rules. When I am in multi blog authoring mode, I totally avoid the temptation to copy/paste an entry from one to the other. I guess you can cross link and comment, but as others said, splitting the focus makes sense.

    But I can vouch that two halves of a blog will add up to about 150% of the time it takes to write πŸ˜‰

  4. Well Webmaster Time Management I’m not sure if I’m succeeding but I definitely try to post differently on both blogs. Only time will tell.

    WOW Alan you have blown my mind with the thought of 5 -10 blogs. Occasionally I will use material from this blog for the Edublogger but it will be re-written because I want to update the information. Totally relate to the % as demonstrated by how behind I’m responding to comments.

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