Petrol Prices According To Twitter

Petrol Prices According To Twitter

302602610_6790b857c5_m.jpgFor those into twitter you will already know about the amazing conversations and sometimes it is just good plain fun to learn more about where other people live. Photo by phxpma.

So today when Kristin Hokanson twittered:

at almost $3 a gal cost almost $70 to fill tank…was REALLY running on fumes got me thinking tho…what’s gas cost these days where u r?

I just had to do some research — using Twitter off course!

Price of Petrol Here

We currently pay AUD142.50 cents per litre (US$4.73/gal) in Perth, Western Australia. Here petrol retailers are required to notify their next day’s retail price for each fuel type by 2pm to Fuel Watch. Price boards and bowser prices are changed by the retailer at 6am and remain unchanged for 24-hours. They incur large fines if they alter their fuel prices from what they submitted to Fuel Watch.

So here is what I have discovered for other parts of the World so far:

  • cpbw $4.76/gal for cheapest low-grade in Canada
  • Leah Jones I think it is over $3/gallon in Chicago, most expensive in country last I heard
  • dmcordell in upstate NY gas is $3.19 to $3.29 per gallon; cheaper in New England states because their taxes are lower
  • cogdog – national average in US is about $3.05/gal, quite variable– I paid last about $3.13.
  • pjhiggins paying $3.39 for diesel. Anyone know of biodiesel dealer in Northern NJ?
  • paulhami Petrol is $1.09 per litre where I live in Canada. That’s AUD$1.23/l, US$4.12/US gallon, AUD$4.66/gal
  • LittleLaura Hi Sue, would love to see your petrol results, are we the most expensive here in the UK? Our garage is £1.06 per litre! which equals US$8.14/gal
  • Skytrystsjoy Brisbane petrol AUD$1.18/l which equals US$3.93/gal
  • lenva NZ petrol is $1.70 per litre which equals US$5.01/gal

Please note I used US dollars and gallons because Kristin started the discussion and I just followed up with more research. This is the currency calculator I used for the conversions.

What It All Means

So far the UK is the most expensive for petrol but New Zealanders, Canadians and Western Australians are paying considerably more for their petrol than Americans. We also argued that most British don’t travel far by car — I travel 70 km (44.4 miles) return to work.


Okay not my normal sort of blog post but, like twitter, blogging doesn’t always have to be focused just on getting the work done. Also twitter conversations are lost if you don’t record them.

So what are petrol prices like where you live? Maybe we should compare prices of Big Mac meals next?

12 thoughts on “Petrol Prices According To Twitter

  1. Thanks for the post. We talk about the price of gas here almost as much as we talk about the weather. Knowing what our neighbours around the world are contending with is yet another way of making the world a smaller place.

  2. Our prices are on flux and very a great deal while traveling around. I paid as much as $3.24 a gallon at a station while traveling back from Florida a couple weeks ago.

    Around home, prices seem to have fallen from $2.99 to about $2.84 over the last few weeks.

  3. Hi Sue,

    Great work, and good to see we don’t pay the most. Here in “The Hunter” we pay about $1.47AUD per litre (last I remmebr looking anyway).

    Annother good comparison according to my late Father is Mars Bars. He always said you can tell a lot about an economy by lookng at what they pay for a Mars Bar. I suppose it would have some merit, maybe you could look into that as well.


    Andrew. (TFT)

  4. Once again Sue my egocentrism as a US citizen shined through 🙂

    I was having a thought…the price of gas in the US continues to rise….what percentage of our income fills our cars on a weekly basis. But I never stopped to think that monetary denominations…like timezones are not universal…

    Thanks for taking the time not only to poll your network but to translate and make me think more globally!!!!

  5. Hi Sue
    It does make the world seem smaller if bloggers and twitter’s collaborate their thoughts.
    Laura – even here in my semi-urban location petrol is £0.99 a litre at the supermarkets.
    Its true we don’t drive long distances as much in the UK and personally I try to advocate use of public transport. I drive 10 miles to a railway station and let the train do the work for the rest of my journey to the office!

  6. Hi Paul – yes it was interesting to learn more about each other and petrol prices regardless of where we live is an aspect that influences us all. Personally I gave up years ago worrying about the price of petrol because the only certainty for me was it just kept increasing.

    Hi Joel – how do the petrol suppliers control their petrol in US? Can they alter their prices during the day or is it set like ours?

    Good to hear Andrew that Perth and the Hunter have similar petrol prices. Mmmm Mars bar – are they sold throughout the World? I thought maybe we could now compare MacDonald meals because MacDonalds are everywhere.

    Agreed Simon – twitter is so useful in so many different contexts. Looking forward to all the twitters on Christmas day.

    Kristen thanks for stating the discussion on petrol prices – it was fascinating to learn about what happens in other countries and good fun doing all the different conversions.

    Good point Darren and I did consider the different options. Thanks for pointing out about how to go back through the archives because I did not realise that. I decided to blog it for a number of reasons: the conversation occurred over about 13 hours on twitter; not everyone is following each other; and due to my number of followers and amount of twitters it was really hard to follow the conversations.

    Yes Paul it definitely makes the World feel a lot smaller — although I really think we all need to be on the same timezone — it does feel like we are awake all the time with twitter. If we go back to Kristen’s original thought about the cost of living I think people in the UK would still lose out because everything is so much more expensive where you live.

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